Short Paragraph on Strikes


The word ‘strike’ is familiar to one and all. The cease work as a protest against certain actions and doings of the authorities is to go on strike.

With the weapon of strike the workers of factories and the employees of officers create pressure upon the employers to meet their demands. The teachers of schools, colleges and universities are, sometimes, forced under circumstances to take resort to strikes for the same reasons.

Strikes occur, in most cases, with powerful reasons behind them. The factory workers go on strike to demand increase in their wages or to protect their interest. The students go on strike to protest against the increase in different fees or demanding regular holding of classes or for many other reasons.

Sometimes general strikes are called on an all out basis. All educational institutions, offices, factories, markets and transports remain closed or suspended and common people are put into endless sufferings for this sort of strike or bandh.

Strike is now recognized as a legitimate weapon but is not always properly used. The workers of the factories or the employees of the offices or the students of the educational institutions should be aware of the consequences of such strikes. It should only be used as the last option. Before going on strike they should think repeatedly over the ultimate gains or losses of their resorting to strikes.

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