Short Paragraph on My Favourite Book

Since my boyhood I feel most pleasurable of reading different types of books, especially story books by famous authors. We have a library and it is a precious wealth to our family, it has a good collection of books.

Among those I have the great liking on a number of story books of my choice. Of all these books my most favorite one is “The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes”. I am so much frond of this book that now and then gets attracted to read it and certainly I have read this book more than hundred times. Yet I find new pleasure every time I read this book.

Each and every story has been written in so much cleverness and skill that till the last moment it will not be possible to detect who is the criminal in question. The more I read his works, the more I become interested to know about this great detective. He is most wonderful creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyel. His friend and assistant, Dr. Watson is also a significant character.

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