Short Paragraph on Mahavir Janma Kalyanak (Mahavir Jayanti)

Mahavir Janma Kalyanak (also Mahavir Jayanti) is a religious Jain festival. It is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Mahavira. It usually falls within the month of March or April.

Lord Mahavira was the 24th and last among the Tirthankaras. The foremost accepted date for the birth of Mahavira is 599BC.

Mahavir Jayanti commemorates the teachings of Lord Mahavira. He was a symbol of non-violence. He showed us the path of right faith, knowledge and conduct to realize liberation. He preached non-violence, honesty, chastity and detachment from material things.

It is believed that the mother of Mahavira (Trisala) had a series of auspicious dreams before his birth.

Celebration: On this day, Lord Mahavira is offered a ceremonial bath by the devotees. In several places, the sculpture of Lord Mahavira is carried in a procession. People also collect donations and supply help to the poor. Children are taught the teachings of Mahavira.

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