Short Paragraph on Importance of Planning


What is planning? Planning means creating a clear proposal for achieving your goals.

What are some types of planning? There are many kinds of planning. Writing our appointments in a calendar is one type of planning. Writing a business proposal with a budget is another form of planning.

The importance of planning.

1. Having clear objectives. Making a plan enables us to visualize our goals with clarity.

2. Achieving our aims. A good plan is essential to doing what we need to do.

3. Explaining to others. Showing other people our clearly laid out plan helps them to understand our aims and intentions.

4. An essential first step. Making a plan is the first step towards achieving whatever it is we want to achieve.

5. Predicting the future. We cannot know everything about the future, but the process of planning helps us to hypothesize in an informed way about what the future of our projects will be.


Are you someone who plans out all of their projects? If not, why not try it the next time around?

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