Short Moral Story of the Dog and the Wolf

The moral of the Story of the Dog and the Wolf is Freedom is Precious. Everybody likes to be free.

A road lay through a jungle. One evening a fat dog was walking along the road. He met his friend, a wolf.

The dog said to the wolf, ‘Good evening, friend. You are getting thinner day by day. What is the matter with you? Are you ill?’

‘No, my friend,’ said the wolf. ‘I am not ill. I do not get food every day. So I am getting thinner day by day.’

The dog said, Will you serve my master? He will give you good food to eat?

The wolf replied eagerly, am willing to serve your master. I am ready to go with you.

As they were walking along, the wolf saw a mark on the dog’s neck.

‘What is that mark?’ asked the wolf.

‘My collar made that mark,’ said the dog.

‘Then you are often chained!’ said the wolf.

‘Yes, I am chained when I guard my house,’ said the dog. ‘But after then I get free and go wherever I like.’

‘Good night!’ said the wolf. ‘I don’t like to be chained. I don’t like to have good food. I like to be free.’

Moral: Everybody likes to be free.

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