Short Essay on Perseverance


Perseverance is continued application to a work once begun. It is the one great secret of success in life. There are men who are disheartened by failures. They will find it hard to attain success in the world.

Perseverance is the key to success. Instead of being disheartened by failures we should make greater efforts, and return back to the task till the success is achieved.

People who doesn’t give up, even when there doesn’t seem any hope at all, are sure to achieve success. It is exactly in this way that men who have left their ‘footprints on the sands of time’ acted.

Instances of Perseverance

Napoleon rose from the humble position of a Corsican solider to be the most powerful monarch in Europe by virtue of perseverance.

The story of Robert Bruce and the Spider is well-known. This Scottish king whose memory is still revered by his countrymen made several attempts to free his country from the English rule, but in vain. It was when his sixth attempt had failed and he was sitting on his couch absorbed in melancholy thought that his attention was casually drawn to a spider that was trying to reach a beam. Robert Bruce was very much impressed by this small creature, which succeeded in its seventh attempt. Its perseverance whipped up his dropping spirits, and he too achieved his heart’s desire and won freedom for his country in his seventh attempt.

Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was a man of great perseverance. Born in a very poor family, he had to face many difficulties. He had to do the cooking and other household duties for his father and brothers. Nothing daunted, he persevered in his attempt to get himself educated. Everybody knows how this poor boy rose to be one of the most learned men in our country and did great national service by founding schools and colleges that still exist, and by writing books which are still widely read.


The example of these great men will instill vigor into our drooping spirits. In acquiring knowledge, we are often called upon to master hard and dry subjects. We may be induced to give up the attempt in disgust. But we should remind ourselves of these great men who have faced and overcome similar difficulties by constant application.

Apparent failure is often a step towards success. Success requires dedication and perseverance. Experience gained through failures does not go in vain; it paves the way to success.

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