Short Essay on Healthy Food

Healthy food help an individual in upgrading physical and mental prosperity. These substances are full of nourishment and improve development. Some important examples of healthy food are fiber-rich food, natural food, protein-rich food, vitamin-rich food and so on.

Healthy food provides the necessary nutrition to the body by balancing out various nutrients and cutting out the unwanted ingredients.

Usually, homemade foods are considered healthy because they are made from fresh ingredients and the cook knows what has gone into it. There is no need for preservatives since most of it is either eaten fresh or is frozen.

Some Typical Healthy Food

1. Grains

Food that is cooked using whole grains is healthier than flour. So having a base of grains of wheat, buckwheat, barley, quinoa, and oats is a healthy choice.

2. Fats

Fats were earlier considered harmful for the body, however not all. Polyunsaturated fats and Monounsaturated fats are considered better than saturated fats, but even this categorization is often debatable. Oils made from olive, safflower, sunflower, etc. are the common healthier choices.

3. Legumes

Beans, pulses, and nuts provide the necessary vegetable Proteins, especially in a vegetarian diet.

4. Dairy

Milk, cheese, and butter are good sources of Proteins, Calcium, and other minerals.

5. Fruits and vegetables

All kinds of fruits vegetable are good, especially green leafy vegetables and at least five servings of each are recommended per day for adequate intake of Vitamins and Minerals.

6. Water

For adequate hydration, drinking plenty of water is highly recommended.

Advantages of eating healthy food:

  • We get a solid and healthy body with a good personality also by eating well sustenance.
  • The healthy substances are brimming with different supplements. These supplements give us vitalityand sharpness. Subsequently, we remain active.
  • We can protect us from different hazardous maladies like diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, and so forth.
  • Healthy nourishment additionally spares us from stoutness as it helps in overseeing excessive weight gain.
  • Healthy sustenance reinforces our invulnerable framework and processing. For instance, fiber-rich nourishment keeps us absorption smooth and nutrient C enhances our in-susceptibility.
  • Healthy sustenance likewise gives us a fit and fine body, gleaming skin and generally speaking, an alluring body.
  • We never feel lazy in the wake of eating light and solid nourishment. Or maybe, we feel dynamic and vivacious.


Well, sustenance upgrades human life and makes the person live long, maintains a strategic distance from a preventable long-term illness, spares expenses, and places one in great temperaments. Individuals need to think about expending solid sustenance.

Healthy Food – Essay 


Healthy food is food that is rich in nutrients and will therefore confer nutritional value to the body. It is recommended by doctors and health experts that we eat healthy food for the benefit of overall body health. Healthy food is therefore a principle requirement for the body.

Importance of healthy food

  1. Healthy food is one of the ways through which one can maintain a healthy body. It does this by boosting the body’s level of immunity.
  2. Healthy food also gives the body physical strength that way one can go about their duties comfortably.
  3. It is a means to achieve a long interesting life because then time and resources would not be wasted in visiting the health experts and doctors because of diseases.
  4. Eating healthy food gives good health which saves you from wasting time, money and resources seeking medical assistance and solutions