Second Battle of Panipat between Hemu and Mughal Army (1556)

The second battle of Panipat between Hemu and Mughal Army marked the final triumph of the Mughals in their contest for supremacy in India.

Bairam Khan, the military commander of Mughal Emperor Akbar, put a bold face on the situation and overruling the decision of timid counselors determined to recover Delhi from Hemu and to give battle to his advancing army. Fortune favored him from the outset. His advance guard surprised and captured the entire park of Hemu’s artillery.

Next the two armies met at Panipat in 1556. In spite of the loss of his artillery Hemu was at first successful on both wings and would have probably won the day but for an unlucky shaft which hit him in the eye. He fell down unconscious and his army, left leaderless, fled in disorder.

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