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Essay on Save Water

The problem of scarcity of clean water is increasing every day. Freshwater is a very limited natural resource. It is one of the primary elements to ensure a healthy and quality life on the planet. Given that there is no confirmed way to ensure freshwater in the generations to come, it is now more than important to check water wastage. Saving as much water as possible is now the responsibility of everyone living on the planet. We are still not doing enough to save water for the future generation. However, it just takes a little bit of conscious usage to make it.


Why Save Freshwater?

Excessive usage and waste of clean water are depleting our limited groundwater resources. We are using this source of water indiscriminately. Further, industrial pollution is also making a lot of water unfit for consumption. Often, the industries dump their waste materials and untreated water to the nearby lakes and rivers. This is increasing water pollution at an alarming rate.

Again, modern-day farmers often use chemical fertilizers and pesticides for more yield. While they use water from the nearby water bodies for farming, it also leads to freshwater pollution. Directing sewage water into the river is another cause of pollution.

We must always remember that though 70% of the world is covered with water, only 2.5% of it is fit for drinking and using daily activities. We have already wasted enough of this limited reserve. It is now time to avoid a shortage of water.

Some Long Term Measures

As their responsibility to the environment, industries should treat their used water before flowing it to the rivers. Also, they must use only the amount of water that is necessary.

Young children and students also need to be well apprised of the need for water conservation. They should be educated about it from an early age. Regular social campaigns for mass awareness is also necessary.

What Can We Do at Home?

It is our responsibility to save water. We can save many gallons of water by following some smart ways at home. Here’s an idea:

  1. Use the washing machine only when it is fully loaded.

  2. A little bit of technical knowledge might help create our rainwater harvesting system. Many households even create mini water tanks to store rainwater for long term uses. We can store rainwater in buckets and use it to flush, washcloths, and clean later on.

  3. Water the lawns and the plants in the evening. This will check evaporation.

  4. Go back to the good old soaps and buckets while bathing. Switch them for showers and body washes to experience the difference in water economy. Also, try taking less time for a shower.

  5. Install the new age low flow taps to control the flow of water.

  6. Educate the young children and our siblings from an early age about water conservation.

  7. Clean our fruits and vegetables in a tub of water. We should try not to wash them under the running faucet. Later, you can use the tubing of water to soak your dirty dishes or water your plants.

  8. Check your washrooms and kitchen for leaks. Call your plumber immediately if you see leaks.

  9. Stop using the flash to drain small particles like toilet papers. You can keep a dustbin in your washroom to keep them.

  10. Keep brooms to clean your sidewalls, driveways, and staircase.

  11. Turn off the tap when you are washing your teeth or when the family’s elders are shaving.

  12. Use mulches around the trees and plants to check unnecessary water evaporation. Also, plant some drought resistant plants.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How much water can you save in a Day?

Ans: For an average family of four using 350 gallons of water a day, we can save as much as 125 gallons of water daily. Again, on average, an adult individual is likely to use about 70 gallons of water in a day. With smart conservation practice and well-planned effort, he is likely to save about 25 gallons of water every day. Thus, he will require no more than 45 gallons of water daily.

Q2. Is there a need to worry about Conserving Water?

Ans: Several rural and remote places around the earth are already facing difficulty to access freshwater. Rapid deforestation and droughts are making the condition even worse. Even unlimited and undirected lifting of groundwater has already resulted in severe landslides in some places. To make matters worse, it has already depleted an alarming amount of groundwater storage. So, by all means, it is the high time to take water conservation more seriously than ever. However, many millions of people are still unaware of the threatening condition. They need to be made aware of the situation.

Q3. What are the topmost sources of water wastage at Home?

Ans: A lot of things in and around your property might lead to severe water wastage. But we might not even realize it. For example, our habit of spending a lot of time in the bathroom for rejuvenation gives way to excessive water consumption. So decreasing shower time is a necessity now. Again, the tiny leaks in the bathroom and kitchen faucet give way to excessive wastage of water. Your washing machine and dishwasher can also waste a lot of water while you remain unaware of it.


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