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Tiger is the most charismatic and ferocious wild cat and the national animal of India.  Tiger symbolises India’s wildlife wealth. It is considered as the national animal because of its grace, strength, agility and enormous power. Also, India is the land of the largest number of tigers in the world and consists of 50% of the world’s tiger population. Yet this creature is the most slaughtered one in the country and is on the verge of becoming extinct. In 1970, the alarm was raised and hunting of tigers was made illegal. Many programs and initiatives were taken for the protection of the tiger population living in the wild.


Essay On Tigers 200 Words

In India, from the era of kings and princes, hunting tigers had been a popular source of entertaining sport, which continued during the British rule. The royal families and elites hunted tigers for several reasons; they were killed for the beautiful skin, which was used for making clothes, rugs, etc; for its multitude of medicinal properties and for other selfish interests. There was and there is a huge demand for tiger parts and products in the market outside India’s border, which is providing an added threat to the tiger’s very existence. 


It is also perceived that large development projects like mining, thermal and hydroelectric dams are also affecting the tiger’s habitat as many forests have been destroyed to facilitate such projects. 


Why Save Tigers?

As a large predator, tigers play a pivotal role in maintaining the equilibrium of the ecosystem. Tigers being the top predators, they are at the apex of the food cycle. They along with other predators keep a check on the herbivore animals, thus helping in maintaining the right balance of animals in the forest. This cycle can prevent deforestation. One tiger can protect several acres of forest in this way. In this way, the tigers and other animals will continue to get their natural habitat.


Essay On Tigers 500 Words

The very first thing anyone should do is to spread awareness among people regarding the matter of preserving the tigers. One can create and increase attention to “Preserve Tigers” by spreading adverts, leaflets, by the use of the Internet, by social media, by creating websites, etc. Public attention is crucial for such matters.


Protecting the jungles by all means necessary is the next most important phase in order to preserve the population of the tigers. The awareness that was spread earlier will come in handy as people will begin to join the cause on their own. Planting new trees in the areas around the forest is also a great idea.


Raise the voice against the projects that can seriously impact the already decreasing tiger population. The big corporations will eventually have to come down if a voice strong enough was created. Raising the issue and concerns regarding the tiger population with the government can also be helpful.


Project Tiger

Tiger Conservation has become the most crucial project for India and other countries for numerous reasons. 


Prime Minister Indira Gandhi initiated a conservation program called ‘Project Tiger’ in 1973 in Jim Corbett Park, Uttarakhand to save the tigers from becoming endangered. 


The aim of this project was to create a safe and ideal environmental condition for the survival and growth of tigers and their prey. 


The project started with nine tiger reserves and today there are 50 reserves across the country. Nagarjuna Sagar is the largest tiger reserve in India. 


Over the years, this project has been able to identify and eliminate the factors responsible for the decline of the tiger population in the country and successfully saved tigers to a large extent.  Other than conservation, the aim of Project Tiger is to aid and facilitate the breeding of tigers within a safe environment and transport them to other forests so that their population can be scaled up. 


Problems of Project Tiger

The Tiger Project was very successful in its endeavor and the population of the tigers increased up to 3500 tigers in the year 1990 from 1200 tigers in 1973. However, due to illegal poaching, the number drastically dropped. The project was not able to keep pace with the rapid changes and development. 


In 2006, the National Tiger Conservation Authority resumed the responsibility of implementation of Project Tiger to protect the endangered tigers. Many other NGOs have supported this government project by implementing many conservation activities to protect tiger habitats, mitigate tiger-human conflict, tackle wildlife crime, monitor tiger population, raise awareness and improve the livelihood of people living near the tiger reserves. 


Many social campaigns were launched to create awareness about the alarming state of tigers in the country. Well-known celebrities became the face of these campaigns to attract the public for this national cause. 


Tiger is an iconic species and yet it is slowly getting extinct. There could be possibilities that our future generation never gets to see tigers in real life but only in pictures. So it is important that citizens of India become aware of this and take all preventive measures to save this species. 



The short and long versions of the essay on Save Tiger in English will help you understand the important points to be included. Learn from these samples and compile essays on this topic on your own.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should we save tigers?

The tiger is a large predator, which plays a significant role in the health and diversity of the ecosystem. Tigers are at the top of the food chain, maintaining the balance between the prey and herbivores and the vegetation upon which they feed. Hence why keep the herbivorous animals in check and prevent deforestation in nature. With the help of this cycle, a single tiger can protect a whole acre of forest from the deforestation that happens due to the overgrazing by the herbivores. In this way, the tiger knowingly or unknowingly preserves the natural habitats for many other animals and also their own habitats.

When was Project Tiger launched and by whom?

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi launched the Project Tiger in 1973 in Jim Corbett Park, Uttarakhand. The program was launched in order to save the tiger population from becoming endangered.


The conservation of tigers from becoming endangered or worse from going extinct was a serious project for many countries and especially for the country of India as India harbours a great population of tigers and also the biggest species of tigers are also present in India by the name of Bangali Tigers. 


Protecting the species of the tigers is a moral and ethical duty of the state of India and also the people living in the nation.

What is the aim of Project Tiger?

The Project Tiger aimed at creating a safe and ideal environmental condition for the survival and growth of tigers and their prey. The project started with making a total of 9 such safe and ideal places called tiger reserves. Nowadays, one can find a full of 50 tiger reserves. Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh is said to be the largest tiger reserve present in India. 


The project tiger also works and has been able to identify and eliminate various threats that can lead to a decline in the population of the tigers in the reserves and also outside the reserves, like capturing and punishing hunters and poachers who kill tigers to sell their bodyparts in the international black market.

Mention two reasons why tigers are facing a genuine threat of extinction?

The two reasons for the extinction of tigers are encroaching on the natural habitat of the tigers for the development of industries and the poaching of tigers for their body parts, as there is a huge demand in the international market.


From the era of the kings and princes, Hunting tigers have been a popular source of entertainment sports. Rich and Elite people all around the world to this date demand the beautiful skin of tigers, for making of various materials, not just the clothes, which gives them incentives for the poachers and hunters to kill the tigers. Habitat destruction is due to other human activities like the construction of dams and many other Infrastructure projects run by humans.

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  • Make use of simple language in the essay; complicated words will break the flow of the sentence.

  • Recheck the whole essay for any grammatical mistakes. Incorrect punctuations or spellings will distract the reader from the main content.

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