Save Fuel for Better Environment Essay

Essay on Save Fuel for Better Environment

Saving fuels for a better environment is a very common topic for essay writing and a sample essay on this topic is given below for the perusal of kids and students. This essay emphasizes the need for cutting down fuel combustion and using fuel in a sustainable way. It also states the adverse effects of overusing fuels on our environment and the measures that can be taken to conserve our environment.


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Save Fuel for a Better Environment

Fuel has been observed as one of the widest used sources of energy throughout the globe. We all are surrounded by natural resources, and unknowingly we are using them multiple times in a day. There is no greater giver than nature and it gives us more than what we deserve. Nature is a tool to make our lives easier. 


There are basically two types of energies with their quantity available, one is categorized as renewable which has reserves in infinite quantity and the other is non-renewable, reserves of which may one day prove insufficient. The conservation of non-renewable energies became a challenging job to the globe and each country is giving its equal contribution in storing and preserving it. Frequently the traffic signals show red color for a couple of minutes, even in the metro-cities and more populated areas this time exceeds it. In such time, simply switching off the engine of the vehicle is the minimal thing a driver can do for saving his own fuel. 


“Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage”. There are quantitative ways to store fuels. Let’s think about some of the basic ways that can be fruitful and just requires simple measures to save it. The basic factor to be considered here is avoiding overuse. The technique of avoiding can be the simplest solution to this problem. In the critical conditions, it becomes very essential to avoid the use of fuels so that it can be available for the needy ones. For travelling for 2-3 kilometers instead of using a car take a walk. Try to find alternative ways for a luxurious life, like choose an open window over air conditioners. 


Even though the use of fossil fuels is increasing, coal, oil, and gas are still abundant in the Earth’s crust. The last four decades have seen a huge increase in electricity usage for electronic gadgets and appliances leading to a huge demand for energy. Simply switching off the fan when not needed or turning the lights off in the morning, turning the TV switches off while not in use helps in conserving electricity. The combustion of fossil fuels has a negative impact on the environment and health of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Excess of fuel has upset the balance in our environment. 


Printing in the offices and schools can be reduced by simply reducing the quantitative to be in hard-copy format and start using it in soft-copy format. Moreover, at the end of the academic year, students are with the bulk of unnecessary hard-copies of notes with them. Instead of throwing them away, they could share it with their juniors. Children can start contributing by turning off faucets while brushing their teeth, thereby assisting in water conservation.


It’s become a necessity to conserve the fuel as life is becoming congested as the population is rising, the fuel could be a supportive mate for fighting in the daily schedule. The students are encouraged with certain slogans and messages on the school notice boards like ‘The less you burn, the more you earn’.


Essay on Save Fuel for Better Environment

Since time immemorial, the Indian way of life has been about how we share our relationship with the environment. The environment has been central to our well being and we have accorded a divine place to nature in our belief systems. But in the last century, we have seen massive industrialization with the coming of petrol and automobiles taking over the roads.


This massive growth comes with certain conditions like the energy demand which is required for vehicles and industries. Most of this energy demand is met by fossil fuels like Coal, Petroleum etc. Global warming is a reality and the earth is heating up, ice caps are melting and the sea level is rising. This calls for immediate action by governments and individuals worldwide.

Why do we Need to Conserve Fuel?

One of the established goals of the United Nations has been the mission to achieve sustainable development. It is a way of development where we meet the demands of people in such a way that the natural resources are available for our future generations. The most important thing to achieve this goal is creating awareness among people to adapt to a lifestyle that can support life as we know it. 


For this, we must conserve fuel and take whatever steps necessary which may seem small but collectively has a huge impact. These things can be daily activities like switching off the lights while leaving the room, shutting down automobiles when not in use etc.


These may seem like very small steps but if contributed by everyone, they shall develop into behavioral changes which will ensure change at the ground level and once these changes are being felt by the people, the government will be obliged to play its dear part and in such a way we can secure the future of the world for the coming generations.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why do we need to conserve fuel?

Petroleum, natural gas, and coal are the most commonly used fuels in our daily lives. All of these fuels are categorized as non-renewable natural resources, so a sustainable use of these resources is of utmost importance. These resources take a longer time to replenish so sustainable use of these resources will help us save them for the next generations. Also, it will help clean up the environment greatly, by improving the air quality. 

2. What is the impact of the overuse of fuel on the environment?

Human greed is unlimited, we always want more in every situation that we find ourselves in. This urges you to extract as much as you can from the available resources. This puts our natural resources under extreme pressure and degrades the quality of the environment. Excessive use of fossil fuels has led to global warming which is today at an alarming level and various cities and even some island countries are facing the risk of subversion into the seas.

3. Can I find a good essay on Save Fuel for a better environment online?

Yes, a good essay on Save Fuel for a better environment is available on IMP and you can access it for free. The subject matter experts of IMP have prepared this essay with the most relevant information on the need for fuel conservation. All the sentences in this essay are grammatically correct and unique, and you can also take note of the coherent paragraph formation from this essay. 

4. What are the main points to be written in an essay for ‘Save Fuel for a better environment’?  

You can frame your essay on the topic ‘Save Fuel for a better environment’ based on the following outlines.

  1. What is the impact of fuel combustion on our environment?

  2. How does it impact the reserves of natural resources?

  3. What are the measures that can be taken to reduce fuel combustion?

  4. How can we spread awareness for saving fuels among children?

  5. What are the benefits of saving fuel?

Writing the answers to these questions and framing them into coherent paragraphs will help you prepare an informative essay on the topic ‘Save Fuel for a better environment’.

5. Where can I find good resources on essays about the environment?

IMP, India’s leading digital education platform brings to you a plethora of Online resources including Solved Question papers, Sample Papers, Chapter lessons, Solved Exercises, Solved questions and much more. You can find essays that are written in a simple yet sophisticated manner that covers a host of issues including the Environment. These essays are made by our in house experts and boost the confidence of students along with providing key points while writing.

6. What are the alternatives to fossil fuels?

The world as we know it today is almost exclusively dependent on petroleum products to fulfill its need for transport. Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene are some of the most important energy resources which are required by the common man for his daily life. In such a situation where we know that we have only limited stock of these resources, Alternative sources of energy which are renewable like Solar, Wind, and Geothermal etc are coming up. However, it is still a long way before these forms of energy become sustainable.

7. What are the keywords while writing an essay about Environment and fuels?

The environment is one of the most important issues upon which some questions are regularly asked in the examinations. The important thing to focus on is the theme of the essay upon which you have to build your premise. Use words like nature, sustainable, resources, future generations, renewable energy etc to stress your point and make sure you have a proper conclusion at the end.

8. How can we create awareness about our environment?

Protecting the environment is the collective job of all humans. The nature surrounding us affects us one and all and hence we must take proper precautions while dealing with the environment. Writing essays, speeches, poems and discussing this with your friends and family can be a very good initiative. Schools and colleges can do seminars that provide information to the general public. The government should also take it upon itself to instill a sense of care for the environment among the people.

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