Raja Bharmal (Rajput Kushwaha ruler of Amber)

Raja Bharmal was born in 1491 in Jaipur which was called as Abmer in the state of Rajasthan in India.

Raja Bharmal was the Kushwaha ruler of Jaipur (Amber). Raja Prithviraj was his father and mother was Rani Apurva Devi of Rathor clan. His father was died in 1527 thereafter several kings had been ruler of Amber.

Raja Bharmal is famous in Indian history for extending the brotherhood policy towards the Mughals. He also managed the marriage of her daughter, Harkha Bai, to Mughal Emperor Akbar. Harkha Bai is popularly known as Jodha Bai.

Bharmal became the king of Amber on 1st June 1548. Chittor was already crushed by Bahadur Shah. So Bhagmal has set brother’s policy towards Mughal. Similarly, Emperor Akbar has also a liberal policy towards Hindu subjects.

Situation for Kachwaha was worsening when Mirza Muhhamad was appointed as the Mughal governor. Mirza Muhammad had a large army, headed to Amber and Bhagmal had no room to resist to him. Then Raja Bharmal agreed to pay tribute and handed over his son and nephews as hostage.

Mirza was again preparing for a war in 1562. At that time Chagtai Khan had pleaded before Emperor Akbar for Bharmal’s protection against Mirza. Then Raja Bharmal was introduced to Akbar. Raja Bharmal proposed him to marry his daughter Harkha Bai. Then Harkha bai and was married to the great Mughal emperor Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar in the year 1562 in great festivity.

Raja Bharmal was the first in Rajputs to enter into matrimonial alliance with the Mughal Emperors. Raja Bhagwant das was the successor of Bharmal.

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