Pride and Prejudice

Summary of Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice was one of the most famous works of Jane Austen. However, about three different volumes of the books were published anonymously in the year 1813. This novel has been a classic work of literature. With superb characters and incisive wit, this book is definitely a masterpiece by the writer and is taught in several institutions as a part of English literature. 


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Pride and Prejudice

The story revolves around the blooming relationship between Fitzwilliam Darcy who is a rich landowner and an aristocrat, and Elizabeth Bennet, the younger daughter of a gentleman from the country. After the publication of the Pride and Prejudice novel, the book was received pretty well by the readers and critics. The 1st edition actually sold out and the printing never stopped.


Pride and Prejudice Characters

Mentioned below are some of the characters in the pride and prejudice play. 

  • Jane Bennet: The eldest of the Bennet sisters and is modest and kind. 

  • Elizabeth Bennet: The female protagonist of the novel. She is 

  • Mary Bennet: She is the third daughter of Mr. Bennet. She is bookish, pompous, and plain. 

  • Lydia and Kitty Bennet: The youngest daughters of Mr. Bennet. They are slightly immature and flighty. 

  • Mr. Bennet: The patriarch of the family. He loves his eldest daughters Elizabeth and Jane. 

  • Mrs. Bennet: The matriarch of the family. She is shown to have high ambitions for her daughters’ marriage. 

  • Charles Bingley: Jane’s suitor and love interest. A wealthy man from Netherfield estate. He is seen as a gentle and kind man who has a pleasant countenance. 

  • Fitzwilliam Darcy: He is the male protagonist of the story. He is perceptive and yet arrogant in nature. 

  • Lord Wickham: He is one of the suitors of Elizabeth and is seen as an attractive and charming gentleman. 

Some of the supporting characters in the pride and prejudice summary include Charlotte Lucas, her parents, Edward Gardiner, Georgina who is Darcy’s sister, Carolina and Louisa Hurst, etc. 


Pride and Prejudice Summary 

Students can read the pride and prejudice PDF in order to gather more information about the play. The novel basically opens with the arrival of Mr. Bingley who is in the country to look for a bride. Mrs. Bennet is pretty thrilled at the idea of one of her daughters marrying the wealthy man. In a ball arranged by Mr. Bingley in his estate, Jane and Mr. Bingley have an immediate liking for each other. However, Elizabeth and Darcy don’t meet in a very cordial manner. Although Austen is able to portray the intrigue that both the characters feel for each other, the conventions of impressions are reversed in the play. Elizabeth’s pride and her self-respect are astonished at the snobbish nature of Darcy. 


The arrival of Collins in hopes of marrying one of the daughters of Mr. Bennet further complicates things. Mrs. Bennet sees the opportunity and proposes the hand of Elizabeth, who strongly rejects his offer. This is when Mr. Collins gets married to Charlotte, Elizabeth’s best friend. During this time, Elizabeth has an encounter with Wickham who charms her. After the abrupt departure of Mr. Bingley, Elizabeth becomes convinced that Mr. Darcy had a role to play in that, which further fuels her contempt for the man. Students can learn more about the play from Pride and Prejudice 1995 TV series. 


During her visit to Charlotte and Collins home, Elizabeth runs into Mr. Darcy and is shocked to hear him confess his love for her. When she rejects his proposal and he asks her the reason, he makes accusations against him for breaking the heart of her sister, Jane. Darcy then writes a letter to Elizabeth telling her that his intention for such an act was just concern for his friend, who he thought would be rejected by Jane. Also, he informs her of Wickham’s evil intentions when he tried to marry his 15-year-old sister for her inheritance. 


Shortly after that, Lydia, the youngest Bennet runs away and marries Wickham. The news alarms Elizabeth, who knows that the affair could lead to a scandal and ruin her sister’s reputation. Hence, he conveys this news to Darcy and he persuades Wickham to propose to Lydia for marriage. He even offers his money to him. When Elizabeth learns what he did, she agrees to reciprocate his feelings. 


Other Adaptations of Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice 

Pride and Prejudice actually went ahead to inspire much different television, stage, and film productions. Perhaps one of the most notable adaptations would be the 2005 film starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden. 


This novel also led to the creation of pride and prejudice fanfiction amongst so many different forums. Some of the other film adaptations were the 1940 film starring Greer Garson & Laurence Olivier as Elizabeth and Darcy respectively and the 2009 movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Mention some of the adaptations of Pride and Prejudice? 

Pride and Prejudice became one of the most popular works of Jane Austen and provided her with a lot of recognition. The novel was actually so popular that it was turned into several adaptations of film, stage, and TV. One of the most notable adaptations would be the 1940 film which starred Greer Garson in the role of Elizabeth and Laurence Olivier in the role of Darcy. Another movie came out starring Kiera Knightley and Matthew Macfayden. Apart from that, a movie named Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was also made based on the novel. It inspired a lot of TV miniseries and other films as well. 

2. Explain the plot of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice?

Pride and Prejudice is one of the notable works of literature known to us today. The novel was written by Jane Austen and it is probably one of the most popular works of the author. The novel was published in 3 different volumes in the year 1813. After publication, the book received a lot of praise from the readers as well as the critics. The book revolves around the tumultuous relationship that is established between the heroine Elizabeth Bennet, who is the daughter of a gentleman from the country, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, who is a wealthy yet snobbish lord. This book talks about their relationship against the backdrop of England’s Gentry period. 

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