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Essay on Parrot

Parrots are a species of wonderful and majestic birds. Their appearance makes them special among other birds. The scientific term for a parrot is Psittacines.  Parrots live in numerous places around the world. They are tropical birds and prefer to stay in warm places. Parrots are fascinating birds. They can mimic human language with practice. This ability makes parrots so very special. They come in several different colours. In this parrot essay, the characteristics, diet and other aspects will be discussed.


However, before proceeding with the rest of this parrot essay, discussing these majestic birds, here are a few lines on parrot in English:


5 lines About Parrot in English

  1. Parrots are tropical birds.

  2. Parrots are of different colours such as green, yellow, red, rainbow coloured, etc.

  3. Parrots live in the bills of trees.

  4. Parrots eat small grains, fruits, berries, etc.

  5. Parrots are one of the most intelligent birds.


From these five lines on parrots, it is quite clear that parrots are birds of unusual nature. Their appearance is the most unique thing about them. Parrots have a wonderful appearance. Since parrots are tropical birds, they prefer a warmer climate. An essay on parrots cannot be complete without stating the various types of parrots. There are three kinds of parrots, namely Cockatoos, True parrots and New Zealand parrots. Each of these parrots is unique in their appearances and behaviour. Parrots have bodies of different sizes and shapes. The parrot which is mostly found in India has a gorgeous appearance.   


The parrot is an attractive bird. It has beautiful green wings, a long tail, its body is covered with smooth green feathers. The parrot’s most attractive feature is its red beak. The red beak is quite thick and is a little bent which allows the parrot to chew its food. Parrots often have a black circle around their green necks which make them look unique. Their tongues are thick.


A Short Note on Parrot in English

Parrots belong to the animal kingdom. Parrots are tropical birds with lively appearances. Parrots are very intelligent birds. They are masters of mimicking human speech. Parrots are important to the wildlife of several countries such as Australia, New Zealand, etc.  


Parrots are herbivorous, which means they eat plants and fruits. Parrots feed on fruits such as grapes, berries, mangoes, etc. They also eat leaves of plants, grains and even cooked rice. Parrots are very witty birds and they can speak human languages with time. A pet parrot is usually a master of mimicking its owner’s speech. Baby parrots are raised by their mothers and they are taught to mimic from an early age. 


However, an essay on parrots would not be complete without mentioning how cruel humans have been to these majestic birds. Due to the cutting of forests, parrots are facing difficulty living in the wild. Parrots are often sold in markets and are kept in small cages, which make them unhappy and depressed. Because of these activities, parrots are now a species of endangered birds. Therefore, we must protect them from going extinct.


My Favourite Pet Parrot Essay in English

Parrots are my favourite bird. It is a very beautiful bird. Its body is covered with green feathers. Its wings are green which look very pretty when it flies.


The parrot eats small fruits such as berries, grapes, etc. Parrots also eat rice, mangoes and even chillies. The parrot has a thick red beak which is curved. There is a black circle around its neck. Parrots are very good friends with people and can mimic human speech. Thus it can be said that the parrots are very intelligent and beautiful birds.


With that, the parrot essay comes to its end. From this essay, it is clear that parrots are majestic and intelligent birds. They are very unique creatures and must be protected from human cruelties.


A Short Essay on Parrot

Parrots are very beautiful birds. They are tropical birds and live in warm places. Parrots are very intelligent and can mimic human speech.


5 Sentences About Parrot in English

  1. Parrots are of three types, namely Cockatoos, True parrots and New Zealand parrots.

  2. Parrots are tropical birds and live in warm places.

  3. Parrots are very intelligent birds as they can mimic human speech.

  4. Parrots live in the bills of trees.

  5. Parrots eat fruits such as grapes, berries, mangoes; as well as leaves and crops.


These five sentences about parrots make it clear that parrots are unique. They have a gorgeous appearance with a distinctive green body covered by soft feathers, two green wings, a black circle around their necks, a long feathery tail and a thick, red beak which is a little bent. Parrots are intelligent birds as they can mimic human speech and they are also very friendly in nature. An essay on bird parrots must emphasize the importance of setting these birds free and not caging them for recreation. 


Thus this essay on parrots is a short discussion on why parrots are an important and intelligent bird and we should protect them.


How to Prepare for Parrot Essay for Students in English

  • Students can log onto IMP and then click on Parrot essay for students in English

  • They must go through this entirely.

  • It has all the elements of a proper essay and a lot of informative material on Parrots

  • Reading this will prep the students of junior classes in the right way

  • Try writing down everything that you have memorized so that they know how much they’ve actually absorbed

  • Writing practice and that too within a timeframe will assist learning

  • Try to pay attention to the facts about parrots instead of rote learning them

  • Observe how the introduction, body and conclusion have been written

  • Emulate the same by writing it down and then comparing it with the essay that’s on IMP

  • The students will really learn the tricks used and that will benefit them in their tests.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How long do Parrots live?

A parrot’s average lifespan ranges between fifty to ninety-five years.

2. How many species of Parrots exist?

There are approximately three hundred ninety-three recognized species of parrots in the world.

3. How do humans cause Parrots trouble?

Parrots have been exploited by humans by being kept in small cages and due to deforestation, parrots have become endangered. 

4. What should the students refer to if an essay on birds comes for their tests?

They can check out Parrot essays for students in English on IMP. It has a lot of study material on Parrots. Everything has been explained in a systematic manner and has all the pointers needed for students to know and then write about. An essay on any kind of bird will be quite simple as it will be descriptive in nature.  A descriptive manner has been used in this essay that’s available and so, students won’t face a problem when they sit for their tests and are asked to write an essay on the same.

5. How do students go about writing an essay on Parrots?

The students must know the manner in which an essay on such a topic needs to be written. This will help them in securing higher grades in your examinations. Go to Parrot essay for students in English which can be downloaded from this page. This essay is a prototype of the essay that they will need to write for their exams. The exact manner of approaching an essay has been shown here with the help of appropriate examples. They can read this and then practice on their own so that they do well in their tests. Just reading this won’t suffice, including all these pointers when they write an essay at home, would be the proper way to go about it.

6. How should the students prepare for an essay on their favourite pet?

Students can check out certain study material that’s on IMP to get an idea. 


They can read from Parrot essays for students in English.


This essay has short notes, pointers, features that are needed to score well in a test that has elements like essays. The marking scheme for such essays is usually on the basis of how explanatory it is. The articulation of the students is understood and that can only be gleaned from how they structure an essay.  This essay is quite informative for all those students looking to prepare. They can scan this model of an essay and then replicate the same for a pet of their choice.

7. How do students prepare for essays that come for tests?

Students can prepare for all essays if they know the manner in which they need to be written down. All essays follow a structure and a form without which scoring well in an essay is a lost cause. They can look at Parrot essays for students in English on IMP. This essay will shed light on how they need to be written. Not just parrots, an essay on any topic needs to be written in a proper manner and that has been explained here.  Students can look at these carefully and then feel reassured.

8. How do students score well in the essays that come for their school exams?

All students can score really well if they go through the Parrot essays for students in English. This is a model of how essays need to be so as to score well. A strategic manner of approaching essays ensures that the students only get the best of marks. If they go through this sample, they will learn how one needs to formulate one’s introduction, body and then conclusion. A haphazard manner of writing just anything that comes to mind is not an ideal way of writing essays and that needs to be kept in mind during tests. IMP offers free study material for all the students and so, one can be completely relieved before downloading them.

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