Paragraph on Our National Flag for Kids


Our National Flag 

For me, this is the moment of pride when we got to present a very special paragraph for all the people of our country about the National Flag.

The National Flag of India is a symbol of pride, honour and freedom of the country.

Indian National Flag is very important for all of us. Our National Flag is also known as Tiranga.

The topmost colour is saffron, the middle is of white colour and the lowermost colour is green.

In the middle there is Ashoka chakra having equally divided spokes. It is made up of handmade cloth khadi.

In India people respect their National Flag. They get motivation from the flag. National flag instills a sense of patriotism in our heart.

Even in our school we host National Flag every year on 26th January and 15th August.

We as a community of student always keep in our mind to make that flag wove. This paragraph is dedicated to our National Flag.

Thank you.

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