Paragraph on Library

A library is a collection of books. But it is not a book-shop, for it does not sell books. It is a temple of learning. In the past, people had to go to a teacher to learn from him. But how easy and cheap it is to get knowledge and wisdom today!

Today you can find libraries almost everywhere. These libraries are of two kinds – private and public. A private or personal library has books of the choice of only one person. So, it is not useful to all. But public libraries are meant for all. They have books to suit different tastes. Our schools and colleges, too, have libraries of their own. Such libraries are meant for students and teachers only. So, they have a wide variety of books.

A library is, therefore, a sacred place. You must have respect for this sacred place. It is not a fit place for talks or discussions. It is a place for serious studies. But one thing should never be forgotten. No library by itself has ever produced a Newton or a Tulsidas. A library can help you to some extent. But it cannot carry you very