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Paragraph on Discipline – Long and Short Paragraphs

Discipline is a value to be inculcated in childhood. Discipline refers to punctuality, following of rules and being organised in every aspect of our life. This makes it easy to complete our different tasks and activities efficiently and achieve success easily. When we are disciplined we save time, and are more productive. Discipline helps us utilize time to our best advantage. Instead of wasting time on useless activities, we do the tasks necessary to reach our goals. We work in an orderly and organized fashion. We are obedient to rules, for disobeying rules does not let us reach our goal.

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Long and Short Paragraph on Discipline

Paragraph on Discipline 1 (100 Words)

Discipline is a valuable quality. If you are disciplined you can complete your school assignments and submit them on time. Being time-conscious helps you achieve your targets with excellence. You can also reach your goals easily. If you do not waste your time on useless and irrelevant activities, you can use your time productively and gainfully to complete what is important to achieve your goals. Besides punctuality, being orderly in doing your activities and assignments helps you work with discipline. Working in a haphazard manner leads to wasting of time and energy. Following rules is also essential for developing discipline.


Paragraph on Discipline 2 (150 Words)

Discipline helps in the easy and efficient completion of your work. Working with discipline makes you do the activity most suited to the hour. As a student you need to study. It is best to study in the early hours of the morning when the mind is fresh after a full night’s sleep. If you wake up late you lose out on the most productive time of the day. Likewise, if you engage in useless and wasteful activities, you fail to do what is important to reach your desired goals. It is, therefore, good to draw up a practicable time-table and work according to it.

Working in an orderly fashion helps in developing discipline. If you work in a systematic and organised way, you can accomplish your work more easily. You can also avoid getting stressed out. You can be disciplined by following rules. This will make your work simple.


Paragraph on Discipline 3 (200 Words)

One must keep one’s goal in sight and work toward reaching it. Discipline helps one reach one’s goal. Discipline can be developed by working in a systematic manner. For this one must keep one’s space of work neat and uncluttered. This gives clarity to one’s mind too. It is best to do one thing at a time. This helps in the efficient completion of the task at hand. Doing many activities together creates unnecessary confusion, and one cannot derive the best from doing many activities at the same time.

It is good to draw up a practicable time-table according to the goal one wants to achieve. Drawing up a schedule for each day for oneself makes it easy to be disciplined. One must stick to the time-table one draws for oneself otherwise the purpose is defeated. When one is lazy one cannot be disciplined. The attainment of one’s goals also becomes difficult.

Discipline requires that one follow the rules according to the activity one is engaged in. If one is driving on the road, for instance, traffic rules need to be obeyed. Similarly, at school, one needs to follow the rules that are laid down for students by the school.

Paragraph on Discipline 4 (250 Words)

Discipline is a value that we must develop in childhood. Discipline inculcated when one is a child helps one through life.

Discipline can be developed by being time-conscious. If we are punctual in all that we do, we can attain our goals. It is when we are lazy, and do not stick to required time frames that we fail to achieve our targets.

We must be particular about doing the right activity at the right time. We must go to school at the right time. If we are late we suffer due to this indiscipline. Not only do we get reprimanded at school, we also lose out on our studies by being late for class.

Similarly, if we have assignments and projects to submit at school, we must complete them on time. Otherwise we shall lag behind and not be able to stay with the pace of the class.

It is easy to develop discipline if we draw up a time-table for ourselves and work accordingly. The time-table must be drawn according to our goals. Discipline is possible when we do not waste our time on useless and wasteful activities, and instead engage in meaningful and purposeful activities.

Discipline also requires working in an organised way. If we work in a haphazard way without a systematic completion of our tasks, there will be confusion and no success is possible. We must keep our possessions like books in an organised way so that we can access them easily without wasting time.


Paragraph on Discipline 5 (300 Words)

Discipline is a value that is best inculcated during one’s childhood. Without discipline one may fail to reach one’s goals.

Being punctual is necessary to be disciplined

One who is disciplined is always punctual. Being time-conscious is a sign of discipline. Discipline requires being on time. If we go late to school we are reprimanded. We also lose out on our studies if we are late at class. Similarly, if we fail to complete our home work and assignments that we need to submit at school, we lag behind. We cannot move ahead along with the class and we fail to score good grades at school.

Discipline requires that we do the right activity at the right time. For this we need to draw up a practicable time-table for ourselves and stick to it. If we need to go to school on time, we must wake up early and get ready at the right time. If we waste time in useless activities and fail to have a good night’s sleep, we cannot have a fresh mind in the morning when we wake up.

Discipline helps us reach our goals in life. By keeping one’s goal in sight, one can work in a focussed way towards it. Working with commitment and dedication is possible when we are disciplined.

Discipline can be developed by following rules

When we are disciplined we follow rules. Whatever the activity we engage in, there are rules to follow. Likewise, if we are part of any institution or organization, we must follow the rules that have been laid down. Success is possible only if we follow the rules. If we are riding a bike or driving a car, we need to follow traffic rules. If we go to a school, we need to follow all the rules of study, attendance, and participation in various activities of the school.  Orderliness also reflects discipline.

Paragraph on Discipline 6 (350 Words)

Discipline helps us accomplish our tasks and activities in an efficient way. We must be disciplined in every phase and activity of our life. Being disciplined helps one meet with success.

By following rules we develop discipline

Discipline requires that we follow the rules that are laid down whatever we may be doing. Following road rules, for instance, is important. If we have to cross a road we need to do so at the pedestrian crossing. If we disobey the rule, it would be dangerous.

Similarly, we must obey and respect the rules that are laid down by the organization we are part of. If we study in a school or educational institution, we must follow all the rules of attendance and study. If we take a holiday we need to submit a leave application. Likewise, if we want to use facilities like the laboratory, computer room and sports fields at school, we need to follow the rules laid down for their use.

Orderliness leads to discipline

If we are part of any social, business, political, spiritual or cultural organization, we need to follow the rules for its smooth and harmonious functioning. We also have to follow the rules and laws of the country we belong to. If all the citizens of a country engage in unlawful activities there will be chaos in the entire country.

By obeying rules not only do we derive benefit from a facility or service but also make sure there is no disturbance or destruction to it or to other people using it. There is, therefore, greater harmony and orderliness when everyone is disciplined.

Discipline allows the judicious use of time

We can also become more disciplined by doing the right activity at the right time. We thus use the time available to us in a judicious manner. Instead of wasting time in irrelevant activities, we apply our efforts and energies for achieving our goals.

As a student we need to be time-conscious so we may reach school on time. We must complete our assignments and projects on time. Similarly, if we have an appointment at a particular time we must be punctual to reach on time. Lack of punctuality shows indiscipline.


Paragraph on Discipline 7 (400 Words)

Discipline is an important value we must develop in ourselves. It is a value that can help us be efficient in the work we do. Discipline helps us succeed in any undertaking. Discipline is best inculcated in childhood. It then helps us through life.

Punctuality makes us disciplined

One who is disciplined is time-conscious and punctual. Being punctual helps us complete our tasks in time. If we are slow and inefficient we lose out on completing our tasks and reaching our goals on time.

When we are time-conscious we keep to time frames. This requires doing every task in the accomplishment of a goal in the right time and in the most efficient way. This is possible when we do not waste time in wasteful and useless activities. If we spend our time productively, we would succeed in achieving our goals.

If we do not keep to time, we would be late in every activity. If we get up late in the morning, for instance, we will be late for school. As a result, we would be reprimanded at school. Being late for class also means that we may miss out on our studies or lose out on other curricular and extra-curricular activities on which our assessment at the end of the year depends.

Proper utilization of time builds discipline

Discipline requires that we make the most of the time available to us to complete a task or finish an activity so that we can attain our particular goal. We must, therefore, be clear on the goal to be attained. Unless we set our goal we cannot determine the best path to achieve it.

Once we set our goal, we must try to do our activities in such a way that we do the right thing at the right time. For instance, we must engage in study and learning in the early hours of the morning. This is the time when the mind is most fresh after a good night’s sleep. If we are lazy, and oversleep, we miss out on the most productive hours of the day.

Laziness leads to indiscipline

Laziness is the cause of indiscipline and inability to complete a task on time. We must avoid being lazy, and do our tasks without procrastination.

Discipline requires that we follow a time-table. We must draw up a time-table that is practicable, and must then stick to it. If we seek to achieve excellence in whatever we do, we must always be disciplined.

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