On the Face of It – Summary

On the face of it summary class 12, the story is about an adolescent kid, Derry, who has a consumed face, and Mr Sheep, who is an impaired elderly person with a counterfeit leg made of tin. Derry accidentally enters his nursery to conceal himself from individuals who scorn him due to his revolting face. Mr Sheep invites him to his nursery and urges him to have an ordinary existence, abandoning his past. 



On the Face of It summary, the theme revolves around the idea that people with physical disabilities suffer from loneliness and mental pain. The play gives us an insight into how appearances are deceptive. 

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Introduction: On the Face of It Summary in English

The principal scene is situated in Mr Lamb’s nursery. Derry’s strides are heard as he strolls gradually and reluctantly through the long grass. He comes to cycle through a screen of shrubberies.

In the second scene, we see Derry and his mom. He advises his mom about the faltering elderly person. 

The third or last scene is again situated in Mr Lamb’s nursery. Derry arrives at Mr Lamb’s nursery, gasping. He discovers Mr Lamb lying on the grass with the stepping stool.

On the Face of It Summary Class 12

The summary of On the Face of It in  class 12 starts with a high school kid entering a nursery. His face is scorched on one side because of a mishap when a corrosive fell on half of his face. He has gone there to conceal himself as he fears confronting individuals. He fears being prodded by others for having such a face. However, when he enters, he discovers somebody effectively presents there. He attempts to leave the spot, yet he is halted by the elderly person, Mr Sheep, the nursery’s proprietor. Derry feels remorseful for entering the nursery without consent. Mr Sheep invites him and instructs him not to leave due to his essence. 

Derry needs to leave as he might suspect individuals don’t care for his face, and in addition, they get terrified of his looks. Be that as it may, Mr. Sheep demands him to remain there. They go into a discussion about how nobody loves Derry and how he loathes individuals carrying on like this with him. Mr. Sheep attempts to reassure him. He discloses to him that he has a tin leg, and children ridicule him. Still, he isn’t discouraged and makes an incredible effort. The two of them talk about different things, and this prompts disclosure of Derry’s dread, melancholy, and scorn about his being in such a condition. 

In any case, Mr. Sheep continues instructing him to think about the positive things. Before long, they become companions, and Mr. Sheep requests that he help him in culling the crab apples of his nursery. Derry discloses to him that he had overcome much from his home and hadn’t enlightened anything regarding this to his mom. Mr. Sheep instructs him to take authorization from his mom. Derry thinks that it’s troublesome, and this prompts a little squabble between the two. Finally, Derry discloses to him that he would return in the wake of taking his mom’s authorization. His mom doesn’t need him to return; however, he returns again to satisfy his guarantee. Then Mr. Sheep ascended the stepping stool all alone to cull the crab apples as he was certain that Derry would not return. He was crippled, and it was hard for him to climb. Derry, then again, re-visited the nursery to support him. At the point when he enters the nursery, he sees Mr. Sheep lying on the ground. 

Derry makes a decent attempt to make him move; however, he didn’t get any reaction from him. He then comes to realize that he is dead and starts crying. 


On the Face of It chapter 12 is an interesting chapter and we have covered the summary section to give an overview of the story. You can download the PDF file of this chapter from IMP website.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Describe the bond between Mr. Lamb and Derry. How was Derry inspired by Mr. Lamb?

Derry had survived a dreadful mishap, half of his face was burnt by acid which had affected the little boy very deeply. He had grown to be defiant and arid while dearest Mr. Lamb was an old man who had lost one of his legs in the war and now had a prosthetic leg made out of tin instead. Both shared a similarity, a physical impairment that had affected them for the rest of their lives. The sense of loss and pain had united them. Mr. Lamb, though physically impaired, never allowed his condition to dictate his life, unlike Derry who was left withdrawn. Derry did not share the same perspective as Mr. Lamb did.  


Mr Lamb shared some wisdom with Derry like an angel. He told him how beauty extends beyond the looks of an individual, it matters what a person feels inside as well. Mr. Lamb inspired Derry to live his life wholeheartedly and not allow his looks to ruin the moments he has. His words had impacted Derry in such a way that made him want to live his life for himself. Hence, the old man inspired the young boy, Derry into living a life he would not regret.

2. Explain the striking contrast between Derry and Mr. Lamb.

Mr. Lamb was full of life. He was an old man who never bothered about what the kids mocked him. He enjoyed gardening and sitting under the sun or reading a book. He was not known to be discouraged by his physical impairment. He was happy in the company of his bees and making jelly or toffee. He welcomed people and kids to his garden and house with open arms. He was the epitome of hope and optimism while Derry, on the other hand, was a pessimistic fourteen year old boy who had lost all the regard for himself and preferred his withdrawn state of existence over giving life another chance. He felt ashamed and unwanted because of his scarred face. Thus a distinctive contrast can be drawn from the nature of both of the characters. 

3. The Real Torment or Bother brought about by a Physical Impedance is Regularly Substantially Less than the Feeling of Estrangement Felt by the Individual with Incapacities. What is the Sort of Conduct that the Individual Anticipates From Others? 

The story uncovers the unpleasant truth of a day to day existence driven by a crippled individual. They endure physical torment as well as endure genuinely because of the crazy conduct of individuals. They are prodded and despised by others. Derry has a consumed face, and individuals don’t care for him for being monstrous. Some get scared of him, which doesn’t permit him to remain with them. Then again, Mr. Sheep has a tiny leg and is prodded by kids as ‘Lamey Lamb.’ He lives alone in his huge house and has nobody in his life. Such occasions show that the feeling of distance that these individuals feel causes them consistent agony. Such people anticipate collaboration from others.

4. Will Derry return to his Old Disengagement, or Will Mr. Lamb’s Short Affiliation Impacts an Adjustment in the Sort of Life He will Lead Later on?

Derry won’t return to his old segregation since Mr. Sheep had changed his perspective. He disclosed to him that despising individuals and living alone is more unsafe then what corrosive did to him. He advised him to face challenges and face individuals. He additionally proposed that it’s simply his face that has deformed. He has legs, arms, heart, and mind, and he could do anything he desires to do in his life. He additionally says that there are chances that Derry can accomplish beyond what an ordinary individual can on the off chance that he makes a firm assurance to accomplish something. This most likely greatly affected him, and this can be seen when he returned to the nursery. He chose to confront it and live unafraid of being loathed by anybody and, in this way, runs back to the nursery so as to live those minutes again, which he loved when he was in the organization of Mr. Sheep. 

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