Noise Pollution: Sources, Consequences, and Remedies of Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution (also noise disturbance, sound pollution) refers to the unwanted sound that can disrupt the human health and life.

Noise pollution can be defined as excess noise in the atmosphere that is harmful to people or animals around.

People suffer from noise pollution when the sound becomes intolerable for human-beings and animals. We are living in an age when the entire environment is suffering with noise pollution.The use of machines, vehicles, and other mechanical devices that are widely prevalent in modern age contributes to Noise pollution.

A given sound may be Music to one person’s ears but noise to another’s. Sound is measured by a unit called the ‘Decibel’. It is a logarithmic expression of noise intensity. We start feeling discomfort at about 120dB (decibel) and pain at about 140dB.

Of course, noise pollution is dependent on the context. A loud noise in a completely