Newspaper Reading Essay

Introductions to Newspapers

Newspapers are called the mirrors of the world. They are the natural way of bringing India to the world and the world to India. Newspapers always arouse excitement. It is this art of generating curiosity that compels people to read on. Newspapers play an important role in a democracy and are the most important and effective medium of mass communication. They fully enjoy the freedom of speech by being unbiased. They furnish only the authentic details. Newspapers have played an important role in forming and moulding public opinion. 

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Newspaper’s History

Hicky’s Bengal Gazette was the first newspaper printed under British administration in 1780. The publication reported about British control in a variety of sectors. It quickly became the national leaders’ spokesperson, both regionally and nationally.

Newspapers were crucial in educating, persuading, and mobilising people to propagate nationalistic and patriotic beliefs. They instilled in the people a great desire to free India from British tyranny. The Tribune, Kesari, Maratha, The Hindu, and Swadeshi were among the most influential and strong periodicals in spreading the nationalist agenda against the British. People would read the newspaper together and debate their strategy. The Indians were truly led to freedom by newspapers.

Even after independence, media have frequently brought to the forefront topics that were divisive but required public debate to resolve. Newspapers aided in spreading public awareness of social ills like as dowry, child marriage, untouchability, and the sati rite, among others.

What is the Benefit of Reading Newspapers?

Newspapers connect you to the rest of the world, which is why they are referred to as the globe’s mirror. In a democracy, a free press serves as a watchdog. It keeps a close eye on government operations, exposing omissions and commissions. As a result, As a result, the right to information becomes a reality for the average person. The purpose of news reporting is to keep democracy alive. Its powerful voice of dissent is essential to the functioning and flourishing of a true democracy.

You should read the newspaper to be informed about current events in your country and throughout the world. The newspaper covers everything from the stock market to various political events, strikes, and so on. Not only that, but one also learns about other employment alternatives, such as job openings, admission notifications from various universities, scholarships in the country and even abroad, walk-in interviews for jobs, and so on. In the newspaper, there is also a matrimonial column where you can discover a perfect match for yourself.

Reading newspapers is an excellent habit to develop in children, and it should be instilled in them from an early age. It aids in the development of personality by boosting general knowledge, strengthening language comprehension, writing and reading skills, and vocabulary. One can stay up with the fast-paced world and the changes that occur on a regular basis.

In the morning assembly, schools should urge pupils to read the news. Regular quizzes or general knowledge competitions centred on current events, sports, politics, and the economy must be organised by schools. This is one way for kids to get into the habit of reading newspapers.

Reading newspapers is an important habit in today’s society since it provides us with minute data about our surrounds – everything linked to the present, significant influence of previous events, and also aids us in predicting or dreaming about the future. Reading newspapers serves to improve a person’s intellectual faculties, hence it should be done with enthusiasm, fervour, and fervour.

Newspaper Reading vs Electronic Media

The rise of electronic media is reducing the number of people who read newspapers, particularly among the youth. The more easily accessible visual media appears to be driving the younger generation insane. Because of the fast-paced lifestyle that is afflicting society as a whole, they are more addicted to instant news. Everything has become more visual, and the media has made it so appealing to users that they have forgotten the spirit of our traditional newspapers. They are abandoning the practise of reading newspapers.

Newspapers are a valuable resource for information. The “information superhighway” is how they’re referred to. They also supply us with a variety of benefits that help us in our everyday lives. Reading the newspaper boosts your education while also widening your perspectives, yet it is becoming a dying habit these days. One scarcely reads the newspaper any longer as the world moves toward digitalization. At least not in this generation. The older generations are responsible for maintaining the readership.


One of the most helpful pastimes is reading the newspaper. It enables us to keep up with current events all across the world. We obtain information about recent events from a trustworthy source. We also build expertise in a variety of fields, including politics, film, business, sports, and many more.


Newspaper reading can also lead to the identification of new job chances. We can see how it is a fantastic place to hunt for job because reputable businesses advertise business and employment opportunities in the newspaper.


Newspapers also make it easier to promote our businesses and products. Consumers are kept up to date on the latest promotions and product launches, allowing them to interact with businesses.


The most crucial benefit is that it improves a person’s vocabulary and grammar. Reading the newspaper may aid in the acquisition of new vocabulary and the improvement of your grammar.


A newspaper reader may be able to converse fluently on a number of topics. Because they are familiar with the most common themes, they can socialise more effectively. We don’t get bored as a result of it. If you don’t think you’ll need it, If You won’t need any company if you have a newspaper in your hands.


The Dying Habit

Sadly, despite its countless benefits, reading the newspaper is becoming a dying habit. People nowadays rarely read newspapers because they can get real-time information on their mobile phones and computers. They also avoid picking up the newspaper because technological devices are more convenient for them.


Furthermore, in recent years, everything has become extremely convenient and quick. You can stay up to date on what’s happening in different regions of the world as it occurs. People no longer read newspapers because they believe they are simply being reminded of what they already know. Furthermore, they do not have to wait until the next day to read the newspaper about current events because, thanks to the internet, they can obtain it right away.


It merely goes to show how passive and sedentary we’ve become. The only requirement is that everything be served on a platter. As a result, we must not allow this to become a dying habit, as newspapers are incredibly reliable sources of information. Without these, there will be very few people left to verify the facts and information we’re given.


Even though social media and other electronic media are far more easily accessible, let us not forget the importance of reading the newspaper and inculcate this habit of reading in our children so that they continue with the legacy. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What was the first newspaper and when was it published?

Hicky’s Bengal Gazette was the first newspaper printed in the year 1780, under British rule. The newspaper delivered the news of British rule in many areas. 

2. What Role Did Newspapers Play During The Freedom Struggle?

At both the regional and national levels, newspapers became the mouthpiece of national leaders. It played a stellar role in educating, convincing, and mobilising people in order to spread nationalist and patriotic ideas. It aroused strong determination among the people to liberate India from British rule. The Tribune, Kesari, Maratha, The Hindu, and Swadeshi were among the most influential and strong periodicals in spreading the nationalist agenda against the British.

3. How do Newspapers benefit us?

Newspapers keep us informed about current events in the United States and around the world. Newspapers provide comprehensive coverage of the stock market, various political events, strikes, and bandhs. Not only that, but one also learns about numerous career alternatives, employment, openings, admission announcements in various institutions, scholarships available in the country and even abroad, and various walk-in interviews for jobs and future education. In the newspaper, there is also a matrimonial feature where people might locate a suitable marriage.

4. Why should the habit of reading newspapers be inculcated in children?

Reading newspapers is a vital habit in today’s society since it provides us with every detail about our surroundings – everything linked to the present, past, and future. It also helps in increasing the general knowledge, improving language skills, writing and reading skills, vocabulary, and also helps in developing personality. One can stay up to the fast-paced world and the changes that occur on a regular basis. As a result, reading the newspaper is a very good habit that should be instilled in children from an early age.

5. Is essay writing difficult?

Essay writing needs a lot of practice and patience. Students who want to learn English and write good compositions should indulge in essay writing at least for an hour per day. With the help of our information on essay writing, students will be able to write composition passages in proper grammar, clarity, preciseness and accuracy. You need to practise essay writing daily to attain good writing skills.

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