Necessity is the Mother of Invention Essay

Essay on Necessity is the Mother of Invention

“Necessity is the mother of innovation,” says a well-known proverb, implying that when you have no other choice than to complete a task or survive through a crisis, you will find a way to do so.

The phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” is often used because it is true in practice. It signifies that when completing a task is necessary, you will do so by any means necessary.

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” which indicates that each of our needs, great or small, motivates us to put out an effort and work hard to meet them. All of humanity’s discoveries and creations were developed because he felt compelled to use them. All inventions are the result of man’s need and desire to make the world a better place.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • People are compelled to behave by necessity.

  • People work their hardest to attain something only when it is necessary for them.

  • Necessity instills a desire to achieve one’s objectives. Any work that is done with passion is bound to produce great results.

In the real world, the proverb holds. From the dawn of time to the present day, numerous examples demonstrate the truth of this proverb.

True, necessity forces a man to use his strength and complete activities that he may have previously considered unachievable. This also demonstrates how human beings can achieve almost anything if they work hard and are willing to do so. All they need is a little prodding.

Given below, there are two essays on ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ of both long and short format. Here, we talk about the meaning of the idiom and also about some inventions that came because of necessity. As Indians, we have all grown up hearing the word “jugaad” which roughly translates to “make it happen” in English. It is a way of doing something in an innovative way with the tools we have in the best way that we can do it.


Necessity is the Mother of Invention Essay of 500 Words

The concept of necessity being the mother of invention was introduced by the philosopher Plato who mentioned it in a book he wrote named The Republic. He said this in the context of the idea that whenever any problem arises, we must come up with creative and innovative solutions for it. When there is a problem and there is no way out of it, we can find a solution if we think in a creative way. Similar is this concept of necessity is the mother of invention – when there is a problem, it leads to the need for finding effective solutions.

Take a simple look at everything around you and think about why they are here. You will be able to see that everything exists because someone saw the need for it, and went ahead and invented it. Something as simple as a lightbulb was invented because Thomas Edison and even various others before him felt the need to move on from fire lamps and lanterns to electric alternatives. Aside from the invention of the lightbulb, one can look at simple things around one’s own room. Someone felt the need to invent curtains to put on a window, because they felt the need for their privacy to remain intact, and putting a cloth over their windows was the way to go about it.

The wheel was invented because manually carrying things around places is not that feasible. This necessity of a more efficient way of travel and transportation paved the way for the wheel, which became the greatest invention of all time. Another example to prove that necessity is the mother of invention is the invention of money. The barter system could only go on for so long before people realized that not all things can be split equally, and not all things can be valued according to another commodity. Thus, came the need for money, which first emerged in the form of coins.

Hence, you see that necessity is the mother of all inventions. It is safe to say that without the creativity of the human mind in times of such need, we wouldn’t be living in the comfort of all the fascinating inventions that make our lives easier. 

Short Essay on Necessity is the Mother of Invention 

200 Words Essay on Necessity is the Mother of Invention

In simple words, what ‘necessity is the mother of invention means is that when people have a problem, they will always have to be creative and think outside of the box to find a solution for the problem. It is in this way that all inventions have come about, through the necessity for an object to make life easier.

When people needed to communicate with each other in earlier centuries, they would write letters and post them to each other. However, when the problem came of needing to send messages to far and away from friends and relatives that required immediate attention, letters would take far too long to reach. It is through this necessity that the telegram, the telegraph, and eventually, the telephone were invented. Similarly, to get around to places faster, instead of having to walk everywhere, the wheel came in and changed the world.

Necessity puts a lot of pressure on a person, and this pressure forces the person to think of a creative solution out of a problem. This creativity often leads to new inventions, such as the lightbulb, the wheel, the telephone, and so many others.


The idiom ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ is incredibly pertinent because when we look around us, everything is a result of someone needing something, and inventing something to meet those needs. The device on which you are reading this was first either just the telephone or the computer invented for a necessity, then adapted to the changing needs of the times. Thus, necessity really is the mother of all inventions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the highlights of the Mother of Invention Essay for students in English?

The highlights of the essay are-

  • Men are driven to create new things by their needs, as gratifying cravings is essential for survival.

  • Since the dawn of time, man’s output has been impacted by his need.

  • Men have been influenced by the urge to reproduce and produce offspring to look for mates and form connections with them.

  • Certain inventions, such as weapons and explosives, are, however, destructive. They are, nonetheless, born out of necessity.

  • During the First and Second World Wars, Germany and the United Kingdom developed tanks and submarines.

  • During World War II, the United States of America developed the devastating atom bomb. All of these weapons were developed in response to the threat of other countries.

  • Wars have compelled countries to develop powerful weaponry to ensure their survival and defense.

  • As a result, every invention ever developed is the result of uncontrollable desires.

  • Man strives to lofty heights, and his needs are his driving force.

  • We must recognize how reliant we are on our desires and how they contribute to the creation of a better, more progressive world.

2. What is a necessity is the mother of invention proverbs?

The English saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” was written in 1519 by an unknown source. It contains the facts of human life and experiences gained along the way. Without a need for something, an invention would not be conceivable, and life would not be as simple and comfortable as it is now. Throughout human history, there have been several inventions of various kinds, whether it was the invention of fire or the achievement of walking on the moon. Humans have always been driven by a desire to improve their living conditions. We can’t even picture our world without inventiveness.

3. Which inventions have been proved to be good for the human race?

Almost every invention has value and benefits in modern society. Aside from the inventions mentioned above, several other inventions have proven to be milestones, including:


  • The telephone was invented to allow two persons who were separated by a great distance to communicate.

  • Glider inventions allow several people to realize their dream of flying in the skies.

  • The advent of the printing press made it possible to print things on paper with ink.

  • The invention of the rocket, which allows humans to take their first steps on other planets.

  • Inventions of a railway engine based on the steam formula and capable of transporting hundreds of passengers from one location to another in a short period of time.

4. How was an invention created first?

People have been making and inventing things and innovations to meet their basic needs since the beginning of time. When people were terrified of darkness, they built fires; when they were hungry, they cooked food over fire; when they were hot or cold, they built shelters; and when they were interested in agriculture, they built plough and hoes, among other things. People came up with the notion of using wheels to get from one location to another faster on land, and they built boats to get from one place to another faster on water. These were the key inventions for meeting people’s necessities.

5. What are the effects and impacts of inventions on humans and nature?

Though every invention was produced and invented for the enhancement of human life, this was virtually always demonstrated, whether in the instance of face-to-face communication between persons sitting at a great distance or in the case of traveling thousands of miles in less time. Overall, inventions have a good impact on our lives, but some inventions have caused people to become more lazy and expectant as a result of the increased number of gadgets and machines that assist us in performing our everyday tasks.

6. What are Some Examples to Show That Necessity is the Mother of Invention?

Some examples of the concept of necessity is the mother of invention essay are the various inventions that exist all around us. The telephone was invented so that instant long-distance communication can take place easily, rather than having to wait for letters to reach someone. The wheel was invented as an efficient way of getting around to different places, and the creation of money was a result of the barter system not being adequately efficient.

7. What Does Necessity is the Mother of Invention Mean?

In the essay on necessity is the mother of invention, it has been explained that wherever the problem arises, we should think of a creative solution to get out of it. Many a time, when someone needed to solve a problem, such as that of solving the problems of the barter system, a solution was created out of that necessity, which, here, is money. Thus, it is very evident that necessity is the mother of invention, and that reflects in everything around us.

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