Mothers Day Speech | Speech on Mothers Day for Students and Children in English

Mothers Day Speech: “My mother is a walking miracle.” said by Leonardo DiCaprio is very true in every sense. Right from the birth of the child and even before, a mother is born. She not only spends her time to grow her child but also to educate him and make him a good citizen of the country. By giving up self dreams, a mother spends her life to fulfill the dreams of others. She adds colors and melody to the life of a child as well as family.

It is said that God can’t be present everywhere and so he created mothers on earth. Mother is not only the epitome of love but also the biggest warrior. She is the one who fights against all the odds to make her child happy. She is the first teacher, friend, guide, philosopher, and even psychologist for everyone ever born.

The word mother is indeed small but the feelings and importance are very big. One can’t imagine the sacrifices a mother does and it is practically impossible to pay back those in the lifetime. In short, a mother is a constant source of energy and positivity for every child and we should feel lucky to have as our support, always.

Long and Short Speeches on Mother’s Day for Students and Kids in English

Below mentioned are short and long “Mother’s Day Speech” of 100-150 words and 500 words, respectively. The students can refer to this Mother’s Day Speech when required and grace the occasion with their words.

Long Speech on Mother’s day 500 Words in English

Mother’s Day Speech is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Welcome to one and all present here, today I am here to present a speech on Mother’s day. It is very true to say that the first god, teacher, philosopher, guide, and friend for everyone is their mother. She is the one who holds the hand and teaches us to walk. She is the one who teaches us to speak and write. She is the only constant in this ever-changing world. The words to describe her greatness and her deeds fall shallow.

Charley Benetto has rightly said, “When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” She acts as the binding material that keeps the family together and intact. With immense love in heart, she keeps everyone happy. The selfless nature of mothers is remarkable. She not only does things to make others happy but also do a lot of sacrifices as well.

She is a symbol of love and care. Even the god bows head before her. A child may not speak his heart out but by just looking into the eyes, the mother can know what is going inside the heart. That is the love a mother carries with her. No matter how much pain she suffers, how many people criticize her, still she will always act as a protective shield for her child and family. She is the biggest support on the child in hard times.

Practically, every day is a day of mothers. But to honor their motherhood, their sacrifices, their love and care, every year the second Saturday of May is celebrated as Mother’s day. A mother is the only person on this earth who dedicates her whole life for the children and never expects anything in return. She only gives and never wishes to have anything back. Every smile of her child makes her smile. The love and care of a mother cannot be compared to anything in this world. There is nothing that one can ever exchange in return for the love of mother.

But today, many kids take the love and care of the mothers for granted. They don’t give due respect and show gratitude for all the sacrifices their mother has done in her life. This kind of behavior is totally wrong. She is the one who always stood behind when the support is needed. So, it is the duty of the child as well as the family members to stand by her when she needs it.

Behind the success and growth of the child, there is a mother who stayed awake day and night to bring his dreams to reality. For the day a child is born, the work of the mother starts. Right from teaching to walk, eat, speak, and write she is always there for you. Today, we should all take a proud moment to honor and show our gratitude to such beautiful mothers everywhere. We should thank our mothers for being the constant support and guide for what we are today. Let us make this day memorable for the love of life, the Mother.

With this, I would like to take an opportunity to thank my mother for everything she has ever done for me. Also, much thanks to you, to everybody present here. It was a delight talking before you. These speeches will be useful for students who are addressing Mother’s day. Also to the people who are addressing women gathering, or NGOs. celebrating motherhood, or any organisation working for women.

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Short Speech on Mother’s day 150 Words in English

Mother’s Day Speech is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Welcome to every last one present here, today I am here to present a speech on Mother’s Day.

“Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary – it’s an act of infinite optimism.”, said Gilda Radner. This one sentence is enough to explain the glory and significance of the mother in every life. A mother is the pillar and backbone of the family. By sacrificing everything and keeping all happy all time, she proves what true love is all about. She works constantly 24*7 without taking a break and with a big smile on the face.

Since the God can’t be present everywhere, he created mothers for us. She is not only the epitome of love and is a warrior. She constantly fights against all the odds to keep all happy. She is the first teacher, friend, guide, philosopher, and even psychologist for everyone ever born. I would like to conclude by saying that, mothers the only selfless lovers on this earth. So on this Mother’s Day Show your love and care by making this day memorable for them. Let us pray to the almighty to keep all the mothers happy always. I am much obliged to you for listening to my speech. It has been wonderful to talk before an audience such as this way.

10 Lines on Mother’s day Speech in English

  1. Mother is the epitome of love, care, support, and is the biggest warrior.
  2. Mother is the one who teaches you to walk, eat, write, speak, and learn.
  3. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year.
  4. It is the day for the celebration of motherhood and honoring motherhood.
  5. It is the day to remember all her sacrifices for the sake of others and respect them.
  6. Mother’s Day teaches to respect and love our mothers.
  7. It is day to show your gratitude towards your mother and all she has ever done for you.
  8. She is the one to always support you whenever required.
  9. On this day, you should make your mother feel proud and happy.
  10. Mother’s Day should the day that your mother will remember always for being happy and cheerful.

Speech on Mothers Day

FAQ’s on Mother’s Day Speech

Question 1.

What is a Mother’s day?


It is a day celebrated on the second Sunday of every May month every year to honor the mothers and their motherhood.

Question 2.

What does mother symbolizes?


Mother is a small word indeed but with deep meaning. She is the symbol of purest form of love, care, and sacrifice.

Question 3.

What roles mothers play?


Mothers play many roles in the life of a child. She acts as the first teacher, guide, friend, philosopher, support, and various other uncountable roles in the lifetime of a child.

Question 4.

What you should do on Mother’s Day?


On Mother’s Day, you should try to make your mother feel proud. You should show your gratitude and love. You should try to keep her happy.

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