Moral of the Grasshopper and the Ant

The Moral of the story of Grasshopper and the Ant is “One should save for bad days”.

Once an ant and a grasshopper lived in a field.

It was summer. The land was full of sunshine. There was enough food for them.

The grasshopper was wild with joy. He did not think of winter. He did not store any food for winter.

In summer the ant was happy too. But she did not forget about winter. She saved some food every day for winter. Cold days came. She had enough food in her store house.

But the foolish grasshopper had nothing to eat. He began to starve. One day he came to the ant and said. ‘My dear friend, I have nothing to eat. I feel I shall die. Will you kindly give me some food?’

‘What did you do in summer?’ asked the ant.

‘I played in the sun and sang,’ replied the grasshopper.

The ant said, ‘Now sing and dance through the winter.’

Moral: One should save for bad days.

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