Major Mountain Peaks in India

Major Mountain Peaks in India

Kangchenjunga: The 3rd highest mountain in World and ranked one in India is Kangchenjunga with a height of 28169 ft (8586 mt). It is located between Nepal and Indian state Sikkim. Due to Kangchenjunga’s five highest peaks, it is called “Five Treasures of Snow” and is worshiped by people of Sikkim and Darjeeling.

Nanda Devi: The 2nd highest mountain in India is Nanda Devi with a height of 7816 mt (25643 ft) which is situated in Uttarakhand within the range Kumaon Himalayas. Nanda Devi is considered the highest mountain in India as it is entirely within India (Kangchenjunga is on the border of Nepal and India). Nanda Devi National Park is located beside the Nanda Devi Mountain.

Saltoro Kangri: The highest peak of Saltoro Mountain Range is Saltoro Kangri with a height of 7742 mt (25400 ft) lies between India and Pakistan. Saltoro Kangri is a part of Karakoram and it is considered 31st highest mountain in World.

Kangto: The Kangto is the highest mountain in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in India lies in Eastern Himalayas. Its height is 7060 mt (23163 ft). It is located between the border of India and China.

Reo Purgyil: The Reo Purgyil, at a height of 6816 meters, is the highest peak in Himachal Pradesh in India. It is located in the district of Kinnaur.

Gya: The Gya located in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh with a height 6794 meters. It is the highest peak in the State of Himachal Pradesh.

Manirang: The Manirang is the third highest mountain in Himachal Pradesh which is located Lahaul, Kinnaur and Spiti district. Manirang’s elevation is at 6593 meters (21631 ft).

Kinnaur Kailash: The Kinnaur Kailash is one of the famous mountains in Himachal Pradesh with a height of 6500 meters (21325 ft). It is located in the Kinnaur district and considered toughest trek in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is also considered sacred by both Buddhist Kinnauris and Hind.

Sandakphu: The Sandakphu is the highest peak with a height of 3636 mt (12400 ft) in West Bengal, located in the Darjeeling district on the border of Sikkim & West Bengal. Singalila National Park is situated beside it. Anyone can see four out of five highest peaks in World i.e. mount Everest, Kangchenjunga, Makalu and Lhotse from Sandakphu summit.

Anamudi: Anaimudi or Anamudi, at a height of 2695 meters, is the highest peak in the South India and Western Ghats. It is located in the state of Kerala in India. Anamudi is also the highest peak in India outside Himalaya- Krakoram range. Anamudi means “Elephant’s forehead”.

Doddabetta: Doddabetta is the highest mountain with a height of 2637 meters (8652 ft) in the Nilgiri Hills. It is located near Ooty city of Tamilnadu state in India. Due to its 9 km distance from Ooty, is a popular tourist attraction.

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