List of Paleolithic Sites in India

Paleolithic Sites in India

  1. Kuliana and Kamarpara, Bur­habalang, Brahmani and Mahanadi valley sites are located in Orissa, India.
  2. Sohan valley (a tributary of the Indus) site is located near the city of Rawalpindi, Pakisthan.
  3. Giddalur, Nagarjunakonda sites in Andhra Pradesh, India.
  4. Manjankaranai site, Vadamadurai and Attirampakkam sites, Guddiyan mountain valley sites are in and around Chennai, India.
  5. Chirki river valley site is located in Maharashtra, India.
  6. Birbhanpur site on the Damodar river valley in Burdwan district. This site is important for both Paleolithic and Neolithic finds.
  7. Baghmundi, Kangsabati and Kopai river valley sites were discovered and studied by West Bengal State Archaeology Department.
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