Life of Kharia Tribe (Kharia People)

Introduction: The Kharia tribe (also Kharia people) are found in of Orissa, Jharkhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal. They form an important portion of the Adivasi group (Tribal people) in India.

The various social sub-divisions of Khari people includes Pahari, Dhelki and Dudh. Pahari Kheria are also known as Hill Kheria.

Family Life: Among the Kharia Tribe, the elementary unit of society is the family, consisting of parents and their children, own or adopted.

The father is the central figure in the family all authority is vested in him and lineage or descents are traced through him. All property belongs to him and his sons. Distant relations are rarely included in the narrow range Kharia family.

In some sections of the tribe, one’s grandparents and uncles, cousins and nephews also live in one’s own family-house. But generally this is not the case as most young men set up their own houses (huts) after marriage.