Kumarila Bhatta (Hindu Philosopher of Assam)

Kumarila Bhatta was a great leader and philosopher of New Hinduism during the eighth century (750 A.D.).

He was also a famous Mimamsa Scholar.

Kumarila Bhatta belonged to Assam but he spent the most part of his life in Ujjain. He toured the whole of India and preached Hinduism with great vigor.

He was a big supporter of Hinduism and Vedic Shahtras. At various places he had to enter into heated discussions with the Buddhist monks, but everywhere he defeated them and won over a large number of followers for Hinduism.

Some historians held Kumarila responsible for the downfall of Buddhism in India. He told the people that there was nothing new in Buddhism and all that Buddhism preached was given in the Upanishads and the Vedas.

Moreover, Kumarila Bhatta brought before the people the wretched life that the Buddhist monks and nuns were leading. His preaching gave a new life to the Hindu cult.

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