Importance of Travelling Essay

500 Words Essay On Travelling


People travel for a variety of reasons. Whether it is a business trip or a vacation, people travel a lot. Traveling in hilly areas is preferred by some people, while beaches are preferred by others. In this traveling essay, we will look at the importance of travelling and how it has changed since the old days.

Importance of Travelling Essay

The reasons for travelling are many, but we must not forget that it can be a refreshing experience as well. While living at home, you cannot possibly learn as many things as you can while traveling.

It teaches you how to make new friends in the first place. Everyone loves interacting with others. Traveling to new places and spending time with friends will allow you to make new friends.You get to make friends when you travel to new places and spend quality time with them.

Moreover, it improves your social skills as well. Learning new skills is another benefit of travelling. Going to mountain regions teaches you how to trek. Similarly, going to beaches helps you learn scuba diving or surfing.

When you travel, you can also enjoy the beauty of nature. Furthermore, you are able to explore nature like never before and discover the earth’s beauty. Travelling also helps us understand people.

After you spend time at a new place, you interact with the local people of the place. You learn so much about them and their culture. It makes you more open-minded and be mindful of the culture and beliefs of different people.

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Travelling: Then vs. Now

Travelling has changed significantly thanks to technology. In the earlier days, it was not easy to travel. Travelling on foot or on animals was the only option back then. Ships were also an option but they were too risky.

Further, people use bullocks and horse carts and even camels to travel. Sled was an option for people travelling to snow-covered regions. Moreover, it was a hassle to travel even to a short distance as it consumed too much time.

However, with the changing times and revolutionary technology, travelling has become one of the easiest things to do. There are so many new ways and means to travel that the travel game has changed drastically.

We can board a variety of vehicles now to travel such as bus, train, truck, aeroplane, submarine, hovercraft, and more. You can reach a place far away within no time thanks to all these transport options.

Further, there are no barriers now. You can use online maps and translators when travelling to a different city or country to help you. Cab service and food service is readily available too. Thus, travelling is very easy now thanks to technology.

Conclusion of Travelling Essay

Overall, travel is now a fun and educational experience for everyone. Moreover, thanks to technology, you can travel to any corner of the world without having to worry about language and distance barriers. A trip is an experience that everyone should have once in a lifetime.

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