Importance of Forests in India

In ancient times a forest was a centre of research in India. The Indian thinkers had a great hunger for knowledge and wisdom they wanted to know the truth of life. Hundreds of questions arose in their minds:

“What is this? What is that? Why like this and why not like that?”

They had no book. But Nature helped them at every step. They were great thinkers. They were all original thinkers. So, they gave us the very best of poetry, science and philosophy. These old things are new even today.

Forest-life gave them what millions of books fail to give us in the modern age. No library has ever been able to produce our Vedas. No wonder, Lord Buddha, too, got wisdom under a tree. A forest or even a tree teaches better than a whole world of books.

In modern times, we have caused much harm by cutting down forests. Even green trees are not safe. It is true that they give us fuel to cook our food. They give us wood for our buildings and furniture. However, we earn a little, but lose a lot.

Our loss is much greater than gain. Today forests in India do not give heavy showers of rain as it did before. They do not check the wearing away of the soil