Importance of Local Self Government in India

The Importance of Local Self Government in India

The success of democracy depends on the decentralization of power. Through this system of local self-government, people can obtain their democratic rights. Through this system, power can be properly decentralized and every individual can get the scope to develop his or her personality fully and properly.

The local self-governmental institutions are the best centers for imparting democratic thoughts and education. People prefer democracy because they want to live in an environment of equality and liberty.

The local self-government creates that scope for enjoying democracy. It is through these local self-governments that the local problems can be considered and solved adequately and properly. It also reduces the heavy responsibilities of the central and the state governments and establishes democracy in a wider context.

Since the members of the local self-government are local people, they can realize and understand the gravity of local problems more seriously than the administrators of the State or Central government and can properly solve them.

In local self government, the members have close and intimate contact with the local people. Naturally, it remains rather free from corruption and acts with real social welfare motif.

To implement various economic planning in local and regional levels the local self-government institutions are far more helpful than the state or central government. It also inspires the local people to actively participate in various governmental activities.

The Local Self-government generally unites the people with democracy and encourages them to participate in its activities without any bias or prejudice. Naturally, it can consolidate the political values and faith of ordinary people and thereby influences the political activities and political culture of the people.

Moreover, both the central and the state governments can make various administrative experiments through these local self-governments.

It thus, enables the ordinary people to take part or make active participation in the lowest level of administration. Naturally, the political socialization of local people becomes possible.

Moreover, the local self- government is conducive to equality and liberty and the perfect medium for satisfying the needs and grievances of the people at local and regional level.

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