Impact of Bhakti Movement

Impact of Bhakti Movement

The Bhakti movement in India created far-reaching impact, the chief among them is, however, the following:

1. Removing the bitterness between the Hindus and the Muslims

Most of the Bhakti reformers laid a great emphasis on the equality of all the religions and preached the principle of co­existence.

As a result of their teachings much of the bitterness between the Hindus and the Muslims was removed. The Hindus began to worship Muslim saints and the Muslims began to show respect for the Hindu Gods.

2. Wholesome Effect on Indian Rulers

The Bhakti move­ment created a good influence on the Indian rulers, who began to treat all their subjects alike, generously and impartially. It created, such national rulers as Sher Shah Suri and Akbar and encouraged national way of thinking.

3. Rise of Vernacular Literature

The Bhakti reformers adopted the common language of the people and preached in it instead of preaching either in Sanskrit or in Persian. In this way a great impetus was given to the development of the vernaculars.

4. Checking the Speed of Conversion

The ideas of unity of Godhead and brotherhood of man greatly appealed to the low caste, among the Hindus and consequently they began to embrace Islam with a rapid speed. But fortunately these Bhakti reform came to the fore-front and told the people that those principle were not new to Hinduism but were contained in the Upanishad and the Bhagavad-Gita. They warned the Hindus that they should give up their evils, such as caste-distinctions, image-worship and worthless rituals etc. in order to save themselves from extinction. Their teachings had the desired effect and the Hindus reformed themselves accordingly and checked the speed of conversion.

5. A Great Setback to the Superiority of the Brahmins

The Bhakti reformers preached against ritualism, sacrifices, and unnecessary religious rites, equality of all men and superiority of none. In this way the Brahmans received a great set-back to their superiority.

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