Hangul Deer (Kashmir Stag)

The Kashmir stag, also known as Hangul Deer, is a fairly large-sized deer with many formed antlers, each horn having five to six times. The body color is light to dark brown with a white patch on the rump near the tail. It is paler on either side of the body and on the limbs. The chin and ears are whitish in color.

Hanguls live in groups of two to 18 in dense riverine forests in the northern side of the Kashmir valley and north Chamba in Himachal Pradesh.

In Kashmir now they are restricted to Dachigam at high elevations of 3035 meters. In summer, the Hangul Deer move in large herds to the lower elevations.

Unfortunately, their number is decreasing fast from about 5000 animals in the beginning of the century, the population declines to about 150 by 1970.

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