Geography of Meghalaya Plateau

The hilly Meghalaya plateau lies in the south of the Brahmaputra valley. It, in fact, covers the entire Meghalaya state.

The word “Meghalaya’ means ‘the abode of clouds’.

In fact, Meghalaya remains cloud-covered particularly in monsoon period.

It is a high plateau with Garo, Khasi and Jayanti Hills.

These hills run in the east-west direction with several peaks. Among them Shillong Peak (1,916 m) and Nokrek Peak (1,515 m) are important.

The whole area has an average height of 1,500 meters.

The Meghalaya plateau was once a part of the Deccan plateau and it is formed of hard ancient rocks. This plateau slopes down abruptly towards the south in the Sylhet plain of Bangladesh.

A series of waterfalls, such as, Beadon, Bishop, Elephant and Mawsmaiare found along the Meghalaya plateau edge.