The Fox and the Grapes (Grapes are Sour Story)

The Moral of the Story of the Fox and the Grapes is “It is easy to despise what you cannot have.”

The Story is given below.

One day a fox was passing through a vineyard. He saw bunches of ripe grapes hanging from a vine.

“Oh! How nice and ripe the grapes are! I must have some of them,” said the fox to him.

The Fox then jumped up. But the fruits were beyond his reach. He could not get at them. He took another leap. But this time also he failed to reach the grapes.

He jumped up again and again, but in vain. Now, the Fox was sure that the grapes were not for him. So he was very sad. But he consoled himself saying that the grapes were sour and left the place.

Moral: It is easy to despise what you cannot have.

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