Essay on Importance of Communication – 2 Essays

Importance of Communication – Essay 1.


Communication is the ability to send and receive information between two or more parties. In any given communication, there is always the sender of the information to be communicated and the recipient.

Communication is one of the concepts in existence that makes the world run the way it does. It inspires functioning.

Importance of communication

  1. Communication helps solve conflict as people are able to share solutions and ideas before going into more extreme resolves.
  2. It also helps relay important information from one person to another and therefore people can do the things that they plan to do.
  3. Because of communication, it is possible to have running systems such as school, hospitals and even churches as people are able to explain themselves and get the appropriate responses.
  4. Communication by means of telephone bridges the geographical gap between any two people and places as they are able to pass messages from a distance.
  5. It helps save the lives of people who may be found in situations that they have to talk themselves out of. They are given the opportunity to defend themselves and plead their case.
  6. In the hospital, to achieve diagnosis, the doctor has to communicate with the patient about matters such as signs and symptoms.
  7. Communication also helps people get to their destinations when they are lost as they are able to ask for directions from people who know better.


Communication can be achieved when there is unison or an understanding in terms of language. It forms the basis of many relationships and should therefore be encouraged. As a concept, communication has grown to become one of the most critical drivers of the world and world related matters such as peace.

Importance of Communication – Essay 2.

Communication is a basic need in all living beings: human beings, animals, birds and even plants. It is the ability to pass casual or vital information from yourself to another individual or group.


Verbal communication involves the ability to think, articulate and express your ideas and concepts in words or spoken language. This is the most common form of communication in the daily life of human beings.


Human beings use different languages from their communication. These include languages like English, Hindi, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese and Spanish. The forms of a language are writing, reading, speaking and listening.

Body language

In addition to the spoken language, our body communicates, voluntarily or involuntarily a lot of information. The body posture and condition can communicate about your health, quality of life, mental state, etc.


A person’s face is probably the most communicative organ of the body. One smile, a frown, a facial expression can sometimes communicate more than words.


Some cultures and individuals believe in communication through the spiritual world e.g. telepathy communication, Extra-sensory perception [ESP], etc.


Communication in the modern world is governed by the medium of telecommunications. Computers, mobile phones and internet are the tools of the telecommunications’ world today.

Animals and Birds

Lot of research has been done on the communication in the world of animals and birds. It is found that the non-verbal communications are very evolved in certain species of animals and birds e.g. Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Elephants, etc.


The various forms of communication satisfy a basic need amongst all life forms to interact with each other.

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