Differences between Community and Society

The differences between Community and Society are explained in the comparative notes below:

1. Community a species of society

Community is the species of society. It exists within society and possesses its distinguishable structure which distinguishes it from other communities. Some communities are all inclusive and independent of others. Among primitive peoples sometimes communities of not more than a hundred persons are found which were almost isolated. Small communities exist within greater communities; the village within a town, the town within a region, the region within a nation.

2. Community sentiment

A community as seen above is a group of people who live together in a particular locality and share the basic conditions of a common life. To constitute a community the presence of sentiment among the members is necessary.

Society includes every relation which is established among the people. It is the name of the structure of all social relationships direct or indirect, organized or unorganized, conscious or unconscious, co-operative or antagonistic. There is an element of likeness in society, but it is not necessary that likeness should include the people in oneness; the enemies can also be included in society. When we think of society we think more particularly of organization, but where we think of community we think of life whence organization springs.

3. Definite locality

Secondly, society has no definite boundary or assignable limits. It is universal and pervasive. Society is the name of our social relationships. Community, on the other hand, is group of people living together in a particular locality.

4. Community is concrete, society is abstract

Society is a network of social relationships which cannot be seen or touched. It is an abstract concept. On the other hand, community is a concrete concept. It is a group of people living in a particular locality and having a feeling oneness. We can see this group and locate its existence.

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