Culture of Paleolithic Age in India

Two major traditions have been recognized by most of the Prehistorians so far Indian Paleolithic culture is concerned.

A flake-tool tradition of North-west India centering round Sohan valley in Pakistan (Rawalpindi). Most of the tools were made on pebbles, comparable to Clac­tonian-Levalloisian flake-tradition of Europe. Some tools of Proto-Aurignacian stage are found in this assemblage. Some of the tools can be compared to the Anathian cultural findings of Burma and also to Chou-kou-tien types of China. A few Chelleo-Acheulean type of core-bi-face occurred here as a complex.

A core-bi-face tradition of the Peninsular India centering round Kortalayer river valley site of Madras. Hand-axes (Coups-de-poing) and cleavers on core are predominantly found here. These tools can be compared to Abbevellian- Acheulian cultural tools on one hand, Vaal river lithic findings of Africa on the other hand. A few Sohanian pebble flake tools occur as a complex here also.

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