How To Conserve Forest Resources

Conservation of Forest Resources

Prevention of further depletion of forests is called conservation of forests. Few measures that could be followed to conserve our forests are given below.

Afforestation: People should be made aware of the damages caused by felling of trees. Governments and communities should take steps to plant trees on a large scale. Afforestation is the large-scale planting of trees on lands where there were no forests previously.

Planned cultivation: A forest should not be cleared of all its trees and converted into an agricultural land; this can lead to soil erosion.

Prevent illegal logging: Illegal logging has led to the decrease of a lot of trees over the years. The Indian government has laid out rules to prevent illegal logging by making it punishable under law.

Prevent overgrazing: Provision of sufficient pastures should be made, especially in areas adjoining forests, to prevent overgrazing and trampling of growing plants by cattle. Stall-feeding of cattle should be encouraged.

Protection from forestfires: Forest fires are considered beneficial for plants, but they might have devastating effects on animal life and people living nearby. These forest fires can be prevented by being careful while burning debris. Fire retardants and water bombs are also used to prevent forest fires.

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