Comparison of Line Segments

Comparison of Line Segments

Comparing two line segments means finding the shorter or longer line segment. The methods that compare the length of line segments are as follows:

Comparison by observation

Figure shows two line segments AB and CD.
Comparison-by-observationJust by observing them we can easily find out that line segment CD > AB. But it is not always possible, if the difference between their lengths is very small.

Comparison by using a divider

Divider is a geometrical instrument which has two arms hinged together with the help of a knob at one end. The other ends of the two arms have metallic needles. To compare the given line segments AB and CD, we place the needle of one hand of the divider at point C and open its other arm carefully so that the needle of the other arms falls at D.
Now, lift the divider carefully so that the opening of the two arms remains unchanged. Place one of the needles