Brief note on Kanva Dynasty

The founder of Kanva Dynasty was Vasudeva who killed Devabhumi, the last ruler of the Sunga dynasty.

According to the Vayu Purana the Kanva was a minor dynasty having only four rulers:

  • Vasudeva,
  • Bhumimitra,
  • Narayana, and
  • Susarman

The rulers of Kanva Dynasty ruled for 45 years i.e., 73 to 28 B.C.

Not much is known about these rulers except that they were all Brahmans like those of their predecessors, the Sungas. The Magadha Empire saw a further fall under them. In about 28 B.C. Susarman, the last ruler of Kanva dynasty was killed by the Andhra King Simuka. Thus after a short reign of about 45 years the Kanva dynasty disappeared from the political field of India and with them vanished the name and fame of the Magadhan empire.

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