Brief information on Dachigam National Park in Jammu and Kashmir

Dachigam National Park was established in the year 1981 in Srinagar district of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s spread is around 141 sq. km. Srinagar is the nearest town from the Dachigam National Park. It is also the airport to reach the park. The railway station at Jammu is 320 km away from the park. From Jammu, the park can be reached by road by bus service or a taxi.

This park is located in the high altitude temperate zone. The average height of the park is 2990 meters from mean sea level. The trees found in the forest of the park are Himalayan moist temperate evergreen, moist deciduous and shrubs. The tree species include deodar, pine and oak.

The importance of this park lies in being the home of the last viable population of the endangered Hangul or Kashmir stag. It’s a very graceful animal with attractive horns. This park is playing a very crucial role in saving it from extinction and multiplying its population to make it viable. The other important wildlife species of this park are leopard, snow leopard, black bear, brown bear, jungle cat, Himalayan marmot, musk deer, serow and red fox. Amongst the birds, pheasant’s koklas and monal, bulbul, minivet, barred vulture, golden eagles are common.

The best period for visiting the park is from March to June. The park has lodges and rest houses for the tourists.

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