Brief History of Rani Rudrama Devi

Rani Rudrama Devi became the ruler of the Kakatiya Empire after the death of her father. She was the daughter of Ganpathideva. She was the first and the only woman to rule over Andhra.

Ganpathideva didn’t had any son. After his death, his elder daughter, Rani Rudrama Devi, was coronated as the Queen of Kakatiya Dynasty and assumed the male name “Rudradeva”. Warangal was the Capital of Kakatiya Empire.

Her reign was marked by the uprising of her feudatories, who did not like the succession of a woman to the throne. Rani Rudrama overcame all the difficulties and maintained the integrity of the empire.

She was married to Veera Bhadra, but lost him early. This incident gave her severe grief.

The Yadava king Mahadeva invaded the Kakatiya Empire during the years 1268-70. But nothing came out of this. It was a mere raid and did not result in any loss of territory to the Kakatiyas.

In 1280 Prataparudradeva, the grandson of Rudrama was appointed as the Yuvaraja. In 1285, the Pandyas, the Yadavas and the Hoysalas allied themselves and tried to annex the Kakatiya Empire, but Prataparudradeva, the Yuvaraja, tackled the situation successfully.

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She also completed the construction of Warangal Fort and and even captured many other forts. She had faith in religious beliefs and worshipped many goddesses.

The administrative system of Rani Rudrama was efficient and the general people led a happy life.

It is believed that she died as as result of injury during a war.

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