Biography of Mughal Emperor Babur (Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur)


Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur was born in February, 1483 A.D. The sudden death of his father made Babur the ruler of Farghana, a small state in Transoxania when he was only 12 years old.

Babur was very ambitious even when he was merely a boy. He made a bid to conquer Samarkand, the ancient capital of Chinghiz. He won the city twice, but lost in no times on both occasions. He lost his paternal kingdom Farghana too. Then, for a period he lived the life of a wanderer along with a band of loyal and faithful followers. At last he occupied Kabul in 1504. In 1522 he seized Kandahar and thus rounded off the western boundary of his kingdom.

Having failed to extend his empire in Central Asia, Babur turned his eyes to India. Political conditions in India were favorable to his designs. The Delhi Sultanate had lost its past glory and was on the point of disintegration. In