Bhogali Bihu (Bhogi) Festival

Bhogali Bihu (Bhogi) Festival

Bhogali Bihu ( also known as Bhogi or Magh Bihu) is actually a harvest festival mainly celebrated in Assam. Bhogi or Bogi festival is celebrated in the honour of Lord Indra, God of Clouds and Rains.

Bhogi festival is celebrated at the time of Pongal festival, i.e., 1st day of Pongal festival is called Bhogi.

On the occasion of this festival, people start their day early. On this day, people clean their homes wholly and wear new clothes for the festival. People throw their useless articles into fire, known as Bhogi Mantalu, which is made up of cow-dung cakes and woods.

Female members of the society dance and sing around the fire to praise the Lord Indra. The main reason of the bonfire is to make the weather warm to the last time of the winter season. For some people, this is a time to stay with their family and for some this is a reunion. People spend the day with their near and dear ones.

People also do domestic activities such as like cleaning their homes. Bhogi day is therefore also meant for Domestic Activities. The major attraction of this festival is the Buffalo fights. In Andhra Pradesh, Bhogi festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Mainly girls celebrate the day by wearing new clothes and burning their old clothes.

The reason behind the celebration of Bhogi festival is to please Lord Indra, i.e., the God of Clouds and Rains. With the help of Lord Indra’s blessings, abundance of harvest can be possible which brings prosperity to the land. Hence, Bhogi festival day is sometimes also termed as Indran.

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