The Battle of Bhopal between Marathas and Mughal Empire (1737)

The Battle of Bhopal

Introduction: The Battle of Bhopal was fought between the Maratha empire and the Mughal empire (together with allies) on 24th December, 1737 near Bhopal. The decisive victory of the Marathas in the Battle of Bhopal is a significant event in the history of India.

War: Alarmed by the rising power of the Marathas, the Mughal Emperor summoned the Nizam to the north and he tried to drive out the Marathas by securing the governorship of Malwa for his own son. But Bajirao inflicted another defeat on him in December 1737 near Bhopal by repeating the tactics followed at Palkhed and forced him to accept his terms.

Result: The Peshwa was to receive the whole of Malwa, the land between the Narbada and the Chambal was to be ceded to him in full sovereignty and he was to be paid a war indemnity of millions of rupees. The Nizam also pledged to secure ratification of these terms by the Emperor. Henceforward, the Peshwa acquired full authority over Malwa. Although an invasion by Nadir Shah held up the formal grant of a farman to the Marathas till 1741.

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