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ARDS Full Form

ARDS stands for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. ARDS is a condition of respiratory failure occurring post build-up of fluid in the lungs causing distress such that the oxygen cannot get into the organs. There will be fluid leakage from blood vessels leading to a collection of the fluid in small sacs in the lungs known as Alveoli resulting in less collection of air in the sacs, it is due to this the blood cannot collect enough oxygen from the lungs causing less oxygen supply to the rest of the body. So the organs which need more oxygen may not receive enough oxygen which can cause hindrance in their function also leading them to cease operating. ARDS needs to be diagnosed early for better treatment and early recovery. In short, ARDS disrupts the lung capacity of the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide respectively causing organ damage.


There are several causes which result in ARDS:

  1. Trauma: Any injury to the lungs might cause damage hence troubling the normal mechanism and function of the lungs thus disrupting normal oxygen supply to the lungs and other organs of the body.
  2. Pneumonia: An infection of the lungs caused by fungi, bacteria causing inflammation of the Alveoli preventing proper oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange since it is filled with pus and fluid. This can also become a cause for ARDS.
  3. Sepsis: This happens when there is an infection in the blood triggering the immune system thus causing inflammation, bleeding troubles and also blood clots which might lead to ARDS.
  4. Smoking: Breathing harmful fumes can cause lung disorders.
  5. Aspiration: Entry of food or other gastrointestinal substance or any pharyngeal secretions into the respiratory tract causing distress can also be among several reasons for ARDS.

Other causes also include drowning, allergy, drug overdose, medicinal reactions etc.

Several risk factors are said to be accounting for ARDS according to few medical practitioners, they are: 

Genetic Problem: few believe ARDS can be hereditary 

Alcohol use, use of tobacco, obesity also are some risk factors included.


 ARDS occurs when there is damage caused to the lungs due to any external injury or any disease because of which the alveoli of the lungs that are responsible for the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange is affected thus causing trouble in normal oxygen supply to the other organs of the body. ARDS is also found in Atelectasis( partial collapse of the lungs ) and hypoxemia(low-level oxygen in the blood ). However, the most common pathology involved in ARDS is DAD( Diffuse Alveolar Damage ). This also involves inflammation of lung tissue. The immune mechanism activates itself hence the Neutrophils and Lymphocytes travel to the inflamed tissue of the lung. The exact mechanism of occurrence is unknown but few researchers claim that inflammation and mechanical stress can be a few of the reasons. 


ARDS diagnosis is done by physical examination, chest x-ray, blood examination. Further evaluation is done by CT scan, MRI. It is necessary to differentiate ARDS with other diseases since few other heart problems show similar symptoms like ARDS like cyanosis, excessive sweating, pallor, etc. If the medical practitioner suspects any lung problem then a pulmonary function test is recommended along with testing the secretions from the lung. 

To rule out the probable causes, even heart examination and few other tests are conducted like checking for murmurs, any added sounds, patients ankles are checked for oedema, other tests include cardiac stress tests, ECG, cardiac imaging for further differentiation between ARDS and cardiac issues.


The first line of treatment includes a better supply of oxygen so that the organs function properly. This is done either by supplemental oxygen which is done if the symptoms are mild. If the symptoms are worse than mechanical ventilation is considered. If the patient requires intravenous fluid then it should be carefully administered to prevent fluid buildup in the lungs.

FAQs on ARDS Full Form

1. What Causes ARDS?

Ans: Lung problems like pneumonia, aspiration, burn injuries, drug overdose, heart problems are some of the probable causes. Some of the diseases that cause ARDS tend to damage other organs apart from lungs like liver, heart, brain, etc. 

2. How Quickly does ARDS Develop?

Ans: ARDS develops within 24-48 hours after the incident or onset of the disease. Symptoms might develop within a week after the onset of the disease.

APK Full Form

Learn The Full Meaning Of APK To Understand Its Uses Better

The acronym apk full form is an Android Application Package, and it is a file format that helps to install applications on your phone. You can save all the APK files in a compressed zip format and can decompress or unzip the files as and when you need to. These are a type of archive file where the APK files remain safe. Every time that you download or install an application on your android phone, you are installing an APK file. 

 Who Can Use the APK File Format?

First of all, you thoroughly need to understand the apk full form and meaning, which will help you to understand its applications. However, it can be used by anyone who uses Linux, Mac, Windows. Application developers can use it as a platform for developing apps and distribute them on Google Play. Once the apps are ready for distribution, the applications have to be converted into APK files before releasing. 

Some Uses of the APK

Here are some of the zones where you can use the Android Application Package (the full meaning of apk) for the distribution and installation of middleware, mobile games and of course, mobile applications. 

Copyright laws Applicable to APK Files

Every company or person that develops an application deserves to maintain a copyright. If it is abused, then the person misusing it is held liable. Similarly, the terms are applicable to APK. Therefore, if the APK file is free to download, then you are free to do so, but if you have to pay for downloading, then you must pay for the application. Do keep in mind the apk full form and do not download any unreliable apps as it might contain unwanted viruses.


You will get a lot of information on the apk full form and meaning. At the very same time, you will also learn about its uses, how to delete it, uninstall it, delete the virus or find hidden apps on your phone. It is much essential for the operating system of your phone to use it for easy distribution and installation of all the mobile applications.

The more you read about it, the more aware you will become of this Android Application Package (apk acronym). It is safe to use, but you must make sure that you keep a close eye on the virus threatening your phone.

FAQs on APK Full Form

1. How can I Remove the APK Virus From my Phone?

A: To remove the Android Application Package (this is what APK stands for) virus from your phone first, you have to go to the device’s settings option and click on ‘apps’. Then find the bug and ‘uninstall’ it. Click on the ‘uninstall’ option and tap on OK. Once you have done this, please restart your phone for the smooth working of the same.

2. Can I install APK on iPhone?

A: No, APK files cannot be installed on iPhones. It is a program package file designed for the Android operating system only. Only the applications available on the App Store can be installed on iPhones. 

 3. How to Find Hidden APK Files?

A: Switch on your mobile phone and go to the settings options and then go to the application sections where you will see two navigation buttons. Go to the menu ‘View’ and tap on Task. Look for the hidden apps on the ‘show hidden apps’ option. So, understand the full meaning of APK as well as how it works before you install or uninstall it.

API Full Form

Knowing About API in Short:

The full form of api is Application Program Interface. It is an integral part of building applications and software. Routines, protocols, and tools come clubbed together under the acronym of Application Programme Interface. Any system such as a web-based, database, or operating system can be built perfectly with the API system.

What Is API Used In?

As understood from the api full form, it has to do everything with apps and software. It is a coding language that fixes some set of functions and routines that helps in completing a task within the software or the application. You can say that it is a basic framework for software and applications.

It defines what requests can be made to the operating system and how other systems can use it. A communication bridge can be formed between two applications or software for an interdependent functioning.

Knowing The Various Types of API:

AS the api full form in English suggests, that the interface is used for building software and applications; naturally there will be various types used for different kinds of programming. Let us list a few below:

  • Open API
  • Composite API
  • Partner API
  • Internal API
  • Simple Object Access Protocol
  • Representational State Transfer

What-nots of API Designs:

API, as we know the short form of Application Program Interface, has to be designed by a programmer in order to set up a communication between two applications or software. A proper design can be used to divide the software or application in modules for a precise and specified interface. API design is necessary to plan the functioning of the application of the software properly.

Listing Some of The APIs:

If we are talking about APIs, you must have a glance at a few examples of the APIs we deal with in our daily life. Like today, our lives revolve around the internet and web services. We handle various online software, apps, and websites. Needless to say, these applications and software use API to function. Let us see what we have been dealing with:

  • Twitter API
  • Amazon API
  • Google Maps API
  • Flikr API

To conclude on the api full meaning, we suggest the fellow programmers get a good grip on the API system to build up a smooth-running application. If you are passionate about creating an application that will leave a fiery trail of your success, then API is your key to it. Buck up to create the virtual bridge of communication between applications while making your application building process as simple as breathing.

ANM Full Form

What is the Full Form of ANM?

The acronym ANM stands for Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery. ANM is an undergraduate or postgraduate programme in the field of medical nursing. This course enables the pupils to get knowledge of basic treatment and medical care. It opens up the door to a health care profession, where the practitioners provide their nursing services to families and individuals. The course of ANM runs for 2 years, along with an internship for 6 months. You can get a diploma degree in ANM too. 

A Little Background Check:

In India, the ANM was mainly proposed by the Mukherjee Committee in 1966, to popularise the concept of health care in rural areas. During the ’50s and ’60s, the training of the ANM mainly focused on midwifery and maternal and child care. Later, the broader aspects of the ANM were taken into consideration, on the recommendation of the Srivastava Commission in 1975.

The National Rural Health Mission, set up in 2005, increased the importance of ANM and created a strong link between the mass and other healthcare facilities.

What are the Criteria?

There are some criteria that you must fulfill to secure a seat for the course of ANM. They are:

  • Aspirants must have a pass certificate in the 10+2 Board Examination
  • A minimum of 45% in the Board Exam is required to apply for the course
  • The medical and physical condition of the aspirant must be in good health
  • If any college conducts entrance examination, you need to secure the required cut off marks set by the college

Where Can You Study?

With the concept of ANM gaining importance, the country has seen the rise of a few excellent educational facilities that train their students in the course of ANM with their utmost focus and care. If you are aspiring to take up the course of ANM, then consider the following institutions:

  • Bengal Institute of Health Science 
  • Ambika College of Nursing
  • Amritsar School of Nursing
  • Bhavya Institute of Medical science and Research
  • Adarsh College of Nursing

What Do You Do After an ANM Degree?

After getting the degree of ANM, you can work at any health care facility. The responsibilities that you need to take up is to take care of the patients as well as help the doctors in treating the patients. We can list a few of the responsibilities here within:

  • Feeding meals to the patients
  • Providing timely medications to the patients
  • Washing. Toileting and dressing the patients who cannot these on their own, or to assist those patients who can perform these tasks on their own
  • Take care of the patients’ bedding
  • Maternal and child care
  • First aid and minor injury treatment

The Fields of Job:

After knowing about the full form of ANM and the other relevant information, you must not be thinking of job opportunities. There are some excellent fields where you can secure a good job for yourself:

  • Medical labs
  • Medical Colleges
  • Medical content Writing
  • Medical facilities like Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Community Health Centers 

AML Full Form

The full meaning of AML is Acute Myeloid Leukemia. It is a kind of blood cancer that is generated in the bone marrow. This disease aims to hamper the immature myelogenous cells and produce leukemic blast cells. The myeloid cells precursors white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets, and in these ways, the formation of healthy cells gets affected. 

A person diagnosed with AML abbreviation or Acute Myeloid Leukemia commits to losing white blood cells, platelets, and red blood cells eventually. If this process continues for long, it can cause death. 

What Causes Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Human Bodies?

AML stands for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. It is formed in your bone marrow in the process of DNA mutation. The bone marrow is the producer of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. The DNA mutation convinces the stem cells to generate more contamination-fighting white cells than that are needed. The uninterrupted growth of damaged blood cells hampers the normal blood cells.

What Phase of Cancer is Known as AML?

The full meaning of AML is nothing but abnormal growth of white blood cells in the human body. The bone marrow generates abnormal cells that continue hampering other normal cells in the blood. If not appropriately treated, such diseases get worse in the wink of an eye.

What are the Treatment Phases of AML?

  • Remission: This is the primary phase of treatment. In this stage, the aim is to demolish the damaged cells present in the blood.
  • Post-remission Method: This is the second phase of this disease. This stage comes after maintaining the growth of the leukemia cells in the bone marrow.


Acute Myeloid Leukemia is deadly cancer that can cause death. If any of your familiar patients are diagnosed with AML abbreviation, then try to start the treatment without delay. Only fast treatment of AML full form can cure this fatal disease.

AMIE Full Form

AMIE referred to as Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers.

What is it About?

The Institution of Engineers (IEI) is a legal body to promote engineering and innovation, set up in 1920 and institutionalised by Royal Charter in 1935. It is the biggest multi-disciplinary expert group of professional Engineers incorporating 15 Engineering disciples with a Corporate participation of more than 2 lakhs, and serving the country for over 9 decades. IEI headquartered in Kolkata with over 100 centres all over India a few Overseas Chapters, Foras and Organ. 

Organization History

The Institution was granted Royal Charter On September 9 1935, by his Majesty the King and Emperor George V, which was an earth-shattering occasion in the chronicles of Engineering Industry and training in India. The Royal Charter endowed the Institution with the duty to advance Study of Engineering among individuals. IEI embodied as Scientific and Industrial Research Organization by the Ministry Of Science and Technology, Government of India and besides conducting its own research, it gives grant in aid to UG/PG/PhD Students Of Engineering disciplines.

IEI and India

The Institution of Engineers (India) is the first professional body to represent India in International Bodies, for example, the World Mining Congress (WMC), the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), the Commonwealth Engineers’ Council (CEC), the Federation International du Beton (lie), and the Federation of Engineering Institutions of South and Central Asia (FEISCA). It likewise has an agreement with various professional societies over the globe. IEI holds the International Professional Engineers (IntPE) Register for India under the worldwide International Professional Engineers Alliance (IntPEA). The Institution likewise wards the Professional Engineers (PE) Certification. Since the time it’s beginning, IEI has been the precursor in setting up national principles for advancing the nation’s industrial base which finished on the development of the Indian Standard Institution (ISI), presently called as Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). IEI, in a joint effort with Springer, consistently distributes peer-reviewed universal journal in five series, covering fifteen engineering disciplines.


  • To promote Engineering and its application.
  • Pioneer in providing non-formal Engineering application in India.
  • Creating an environment for national and international cooperation in Engineering and Technology.
  • Grant certificate of competency for practising engineering as a profession.
  • Promote Engineering through R & D activities and grants.
  • Facilitates continuous professional development.
  • Encourage the practice of technical knowledge of individuals through scholarships and grants.
  • To promote transparency in dealing with malpractices in engineering. 

Job Prospects After AMIE:

After completing AMIE exams you can placed in reputed sectors as in : 

  • After clearing AMIE exams you can become a part of a corporate member of IEI. 
  • You can get into GATE examinations for M.E. / M.tech programs.
  • After completing AMIE exams in you can bag promotions in government/ private and public sector division. 
  • AMIE certification used for getting a higher post. 

What Is The Syllabus AMIE syllabus? 

AMIE syllabus includes below subjects 

  • Material Science and Engineering 
  • Society and Environment 
  • Computing and informatics 
  • Fundamentals of Design and manufacturing 

Eligibility Criteria: 

To get into the AMIE program you need to fulfil some specific criteria under certain parameters. You can choose or get AMIE degree post 12th standard or after diploma program in Engineering, if you are going forward for AMIE course after 12th you need to register as Technician and if you are opting after diploma program you can take up as Senior Technician member.

Criteria for Techician: 

  • You should have passed the qualifying examination with at least 45% is eligible for registering in MAIE course. 
  • Qualifying in English is must, and aggregate marks of with minimum 45% of marks in Physics, Chemistry and mathematics is a must. 

Criteria for Senior Technician membership: 

For senior Technician you to fulfil some certain criteria

  • You need to be at least 18 yrs of age while filling an application for selection. 
  • You should be an Engineer by profession wise to be worked under as a corporate member.
  • You should have a qualified diploma examination in engineering or equal qualification recognized by an institution.

Branches That Come Under AMIE Examination: 

Some of the specific branches of AMIE course that falls under it are: 

  • Computer Engineering 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Mining Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Production Engineering 
  • Textile Engineering 
  • Electronics and communication engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Metallurgical and material science Engineering 

Advantages of AMIE: 

This (AMIE) degree holder has been recognised by the HRD government of India and all India council for technical education. It is also beneficial for higher education in abroad. 

  • This course is eligible for all types of state-level or central level government jobs. 
  • It is advantageous for abroad study for further higher studies. 
  • During this duration learning is consistent, you can earn and learn while performing the same to enhance industrial knowledge. 
  • You are free to choose your own desired field in engineering. 

ALS Full Form

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. ALS is also called motor neuron disease (MND). This is a disease that causes the death of neurons that control the voluntary muscles. These muscles are the group of muscles that we can control as we want them to. They are also called skeletal muscles that are attached to the bones and are responsible for locomotion. Typical features of ALS are muscle twitching, stiffening of muscles, and a gradual deterioration in the muscle size leading to weakness in the body. 

Characteristics of ALS:

The condition ALS begins with typical weakness in the body which gradually develops into stiffening of muscles and joints and the patient starts developing difficulty in speaking as well as swallowing. Many of the patients also start suffering from difficulty in thinking and few undergo behavioral changes. Patients also suffer from pain as well. The condition further progresses eventually into the restricted movement of hands, legs, and difficulty in breathing. The patient also is unable to walk or help himself in any way.

In around 95 % of cases, the cause is unknown but researchers believe that the causes include the environmental factors as well as genetic factors. The remaining 5% of the cases are to be believed as hereditary wherein the patient’s family history shows that someone had suffered from a similar disorder. Usually, the messages are transmitted from the motor neurons in the brain which are called as the upper motor neurons to the motor neurons of the spinal cord and motor nuclei of the brain which are known as lower motor neurons. 

ALS is a condition that involves damage of both upper and lower motor neurons which gradually degenerate and die and generally, diagnosis and prognosis depend upon presenting signs and symptoms of the patient. Henceforth tests are conducted to rule out probable causes. 

When it comes to the treatment aspect there is no known cure available for ALS. Generally, in case of any neuron damage and disorder, the main treatment protocol would be focussing on improving the symptoms of the patients.


The medication riluzole helps in extending the life of the patient by 3 to 4 months. Also, mechanical ventilation is used to ease the symptoms in the patients but it cannot stop the disease from progressing. ALS can occur at any age but most of the time the disease is seen affecting people above 55 yrs of age. Usually, in most cases, the patients die due to the respiratory failure usually within the first 6 yrs of the appearance of the first symptom in the body. Among 8% to 10 % of the patients happen to survive for 10 years or more.

The Early History of ALS:

The disease ALS was first found in 1824 by Charles Bell. Later in the year, 1869 Jean-Martin Charcot developed the connection between the symptoms and the underlying neurological problems. Thus in 1874 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis term was coined by Jean-Martin Charcot. This disease is often termed as Lou Gehrig’s disorder also when in the year 1939 it affected the famous baseball player Lou Gehrig. Thus in the 20th century, the disease was well known in the United States.


Motor neuron disease is a bunch of neurological disorders that affect the motor neurons of the body affecting the voluntary muscles of the body. These are:

  1. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis( ALS )
  2. Primary Lateral Sclerosis( PLS )
  3. Progressive Muscular Atrophy( PMA )
  4. Progressive Bulbar Palsy( PBP )
  5. Pseudobulbar Palsy
  6. Monomelic Amyotrophy( MMA )

ALS is further identified as a service-connected disease by the UN Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Further classified into 2 types which are:

  1. Sporadic ALS
  2. Familial ALS

Sporadic ALS: This affects around 80% of the people. This means the disease affects at random without any family history. Although family members of the people are at risk of developing this disease, the risk is low and most will not necessarily develop ALS.

Familial ALS: Around 10% to 15% of the people come in this category wherein an individual does have a family history or genetic background of this disease. At least one parent needs to carry the gene responsible for the familial type of ALS. Mutations linked to a dozen of genes might be a responsible cause for familial ALS. Researches have also associated the same genes as the cause of frontal-temporal lobe dementia.

AJAX Full Form

The Full Meaning of AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is an interactive web technology that offers a superior user experience. It gives you a semblance feel of a desktop application. AJAX allows web pages to update without reloading the whole page.

It merely means that webpages are not using this programming; they need to reload the whole webpage. With AJAX, you can communicate freely with the client and the server-side without any hindrance. 

How Does Ajax Work?

As a user, you must remember that AJAX (check the AJAX Full Form) is not a single technology but a cluster of different applications. It uses HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript, among others. The DOM is collaborated with JavaScript to display and allow the user to interact easily. 

However, the essence of XML has been reduced to a great extent over the years. A more alternative data format and interchange text format has been widely employed in recent years.

Life Cycle of AJAX

The Process Involves the Following Steps:

  • You need to type the browser address in the URL, and a page will load in the browser
  • Then click a button, and a series of events are triggered
  • This fires the AJAX call and sends a request to the server using XML
  • It takes the input from AJAX request and prepares the response call
  • The server sends back the data to the original webpage 
  • A JavaScript function receives the data and further updates the web page

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using AJAX

The AJAX Acronym stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML which has certain advantages and disadvantages:


  • AJAX provides a better user experience and allows you to update web pages with ease by exchanging a small amount of data. This allows for simple reloading of the web page giving way to faster browsing
  • Understanding the Full Meaning of AJAX explains the fact that it blends seamlessly with the AJAX library with the client-side server base and develops the basic applications.
  • The AJAX servers increase the speed of your web pages to a great extent. It cuts down on network usage and gives a better response time. Moreover, it is also compatible with most browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera.

Disadvantage of using AJAX

  • The AJAX software exposes your webpages to security threats.
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (learn the AJAX Full Form) software is incompatible with browsers and does not support JavaScript on multiple channels. Due to the increasing dependence on JavaScript, it is incompatible with mobile applications.


AJAX is not something new to the users but the application of cluster technology that has only been introduced recently. It is widely used by programmers and finds its way through many channels.

AIR Full Form

AIR full form means All India Radio and is also known as Akashvani since 1956. It is the national public broadcaster of India and is under Prasar Bharati. It was headquartered in Delhi in the year 1936. 

It is considered the largest radio network in the world and the most comprehensive in terms of language broadcasts. It is comprised of 420 stations and reaches around 99% of the population. It generates programs in 23 languages in 179 dialects.

The station was initially started for domestic programs only, but after the Independence, it got involved in broadcasting to other countries. Its main target is to promote Indian culture abroad and inform people about facts related to India. There are also special programs for farmers, fishermen, women, and children.

The legacy of AIR is immense as it has been serving the people of India for more than seven decades now. It has evolved with the changing times and has adapted itself to the new technologies. With its vast reach, it has been able to connect with people from all walks of life and serve them in the best possible way. AIR is truly a gem in the Indian broadcasting industry, and it will continue to serve the country now and in the future too.

History of AIR

The first broadcast was started in 1923 with the help of two private stations, Radio Club of Bombay and Calcutta Radio Club. The first controller of broadcasting in India was Lionel Fielden, and he spent five years at the helm. 

The signature for AIR was composed by Walter Kaufmann, director of music at AIR. There were 6 radio stations at the time of Indian Independence. These were in Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Tiruchirapalli, and Lucknow. Sardar Vallavbhai Patel was the first minister of Information & Broadcasting in India.

In 1942, All India Radio was started with a station in Bombay, and the second station in Calcutta was inaugurated in the year 1944. After Independence, a new era of broadcasting began for AIR. In August 1955, it became an autonomous corporation, and from 1956 onwards, it was called Akashvani since then. On 1 April 1964, new frequencies began in Delhi on the medium wave band. On 1 April 1976, FM broadcasting was started with the Vividh Bharati Service.

The first television service of AIR was started in 1965, and later it became a part of Doordarshan (DD). In the year 1999, this portion of DD was given an independent identity as Prasar Bharati Corporation. AIR started satellite broadcasting in the year 1978 with the help of Apple Communication’s Satellite “Apple-1”. In 1984, it started digital audio broadcasting (DAB) services.

AIR has been using computer networking for collaborative projects since 1987. The Central Audio-Visual Archives (CAVA) was set up in 1992 with the objective to preserve radio and television recordings. In 1998, the All India Radio website was launched, and it started streaming audio in the year 2000. The first mobile app of AIR was released in 2010.

The Vividha Bharati service was launched in 1957 to broadcast popular movie songs. It was done to counter the popularity of Radio Ceylon. 

AIR has come a long way since its inception, and it will continue to serve the people of India in the best possible way. With its numerous technologies and latest equipment, it has been able to develop a cutting-edge broadcasting system. It will continue to adapt itself to the changing times and evolve with the time while bringing in innovative front ideas for its listeners.

The Vividha Bharati service was launched in 1957 to broadcast popular movie songs. It was done to counter the popularity of Radio Ceylon. 

Phenomenal Rise of AIR

Through the ’60s and up to the ’80s, AIR saw tremendous due to the absence of other forms of entertainment. During the 60’s India had nothing except the cinema and radio. Today, AIR has a phenomenal reach of 92%, with 415 dedicated channels broadcast in 23 languages.

The News Service Division of AIR peaches in around 647 bulletins daily for a total rise of 56 hours in about 90 dialects. AIR also operates around 18 FM channels called AIR FM Rainbow that target the urban audience with fresh content every day. 

Success and Future of AIR

As you all know, AIR stands for All India Radio and is a national broadcast division of Prasar Bharati owned by the Government of India. AIR has played a decisive role in reaching out to every corner of our vast country. AIR has registered its footprint even in places where newspapers have failed to reach. It has been a news aggregator and a social engineering tool to shape mass opinion in India. 

AIR is slowly adopting modern technology and is digitizing its entire content. It is also switching from Analog to Digital signaling in a phased manner. 

In India, news over the radio is not available to private players, and AIR is cashing in on this phenomenon. The entire radio story of India is shifting on a higher growth path, and despite the growing television presence and satellite penetration, the radio will continue to follow an unprecedented growth path.  

Interesting Facts About AIR

Let’s look at these five interesting facts about AIR:

  1. Harmonium, a form of musical instrument, was banned on AIR between 1940-1971. The instrument was dubbed un-Indian and considered incapable of handling higher notes
  2. Commercials were launched for the first time on 1 November 1967
  3. Amitabh Bachchan was rejected by AIR for a job.
  4. Doordarshan separated from AIR on 1 April 1976
  5. In 2012, Bangladesh recognized Akashvani for its contribution to the war in 1971

AIIMS Full Form

What Is The Full Form of AIIMS?

The term aiims stands for All India Institute of Medical Sciences. It is one of the most coveted medical institutions in India. The university is located in New Delhi and is ranked amongst the best medical colleges in India.  

Several patients come to the Medical College and Research University due to its standards of medical science education. Additionally, it is also the dream of every medical student to get a degree from this coveted university.

Courses Taught at AIIMS

There are several courses taught at the university. Some of the most common courses are MBBS, B.Sc Honors in Nursing, B.Sc Honors in Medical Technology in Radiography, Bachelor of Optometry, MSc in Nursing, PhD. These courses attract several students every year.

Skills Required To Pursue A Medical Course at AIIMS

A candidate willing to pursue the course must know the full meaning of aiims. Next, he or she needs to have several skills to be successful in his mission. Some of the essential qualities should be self-confidence, determination, ability to work hard, excellent communication skills, a caring attitude, etc.  

The AIIMS Entrance Examination

Having prior knowledge about the entrance examination helps the candidates to prepare for the test from beforehand. The aiims entrance exam is generally held towards the end of May. It is an online test, and this means the candidates will have to give a computer-based examination. The aspirants must know that it will be an exam of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

The Pattern of The AIIMS Exam

Candidates should be aware that they will have to answer 200 questions in the exam. It is also important for them to understand that the paper will have Multiple Choice and Reason-Assertion type questions. Another important feature of the question paper is negative marking.

They should remember that though they will get 1 marks for the correct answer in the aiims entrance exam, they will also get a penalty of 1/3 marks for every wrong answer. So they should avoid questions that they are not sure of.

Eligibility Criteria for the AIIMS

You must understand the aiims full form and meaning and meet the eligibility criteria in order to achieve their dream. The following section will provide you with an idea of the rules that have to be met by each candidate:

  1. Indian citizens, NRIs, OCIs, PIOs & Foreign Nationals are eligible for the course.
  2. Overseas citizen of India have to register under section 7A of Indian Citizenship Act.
  3. All candidates must have the necessary documents.
  4. They must have a minimum age of 17 years.
  5. They must have passed the 12th board exam with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English as the core subjects.
  6. General and OBC candidates need to get 60% aggregate marks in these subjects and others can have a relaxation of about 10%.


The full meaning of aiims is All India Institute of Medical Science and it can also be understood from the information that this institution is among the best educational institutions of India. This, in turn, attracts candidates from different parts of the country to take admission in the university.