Winter In Serbia: Top Things To Do In This Balkan Land Where East Meets West


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Serbia, one of Europe’s most affordable and extremely affable destinations, is a buzzy and boisterous country teeming with urban Belgrade hedonism and the laid-back lifestyle of the countryside. A Balkan blend of pulsating nightlife, idyllic villages, and enthralling monasteries make winter in Serbia a thing to be experienced for the sheer quality of life.

In this tour guide about Serbia, we will throw light on potential things to do in Serbia, getting a low down on winter weather in Serbia what winter activities in Serbia to get indulged in. Also, stay updated about winter tourism in Serbia that will allow for a full-scale exploration.

8 Top Things To Do In Winter In Serbia

Winter holidays in Serbia are marked with bubbling energy of its bars, cafes and pubs. Chill on and continue reading to get an idea about things to do in winter in Serbia!

1. Head Straight To Belgrade

explore which suits your budget and requirements

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Make Belgrade as the base and go around the countryside for a day or two.. After you land in Belgrade, check various stay options and explore which suits your budget and requirements perfectly. There is one for everyone’s needs and that remains an important thing as the uniqueness of Belgrade for the explorers.

Activity Cost: Depending on your own budget.

Stay Options: From budget accommodations to world-class 5-Star hotels, you as a tourist will have plenty of opportunities!

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2. Night Party In Belgrade

seldom sleeps, it’s time to hit the nightlife

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Now that you are already in Belgrade that seldom sleeps, it’s time to hit the nightlife! That is why it is called as the city of party animals. The myriad cafes, pubs, taverns, restaurants and various popular world-class clubs reverberate here with blaring music where dancers go wild. With world-famous DJs belting out racy numbers, the stage always remains a virtual throbbing place to be.

Remember, every night is a weekend night in Belgrade!. Make the most of your winter in Serbia by touring the city attractions in the day and settling with stiff rum or cocktails at one of these night clubs at night.

Location: Nightclubs & night view tourist attractions in Belgrade.

Activity Cost: Depending on your own budget.

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3. Chug Down Memory Lane

Chug Down Memory is the best place

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Get on the Belgrade to Sarajevo “Eight Stream Train.” Presently, the train journey terminates at the border of Bosnia, though. This narrow-gauge heritage train takes you through tranquil snowy scenes across tall bridges and into tight tunnels. Drive down to Mokra Gora station located at about 200 km from Belgrade. It is a 4-hour drive to get into the Eight Stream Train. It is worth the trail through snowy mountains and thickset forests.

Location: Mokra Gora, Serbia.

Activity Cost: The train ticket costs about INR 600/-.

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4. Horse Riding and Hiking

it is best place in sebria

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Winter holidays in Serbia are not complete without hiking along the isolated snow-covered routes or horse riding the valleys and also taking a deep look into the ravenous gorges below. Serbia is a prime winter playground of sorts. A worthwhile place to visit in winter in Serbia, the famous Tara National Park is a virtual haven for hiking trails. Sitting on the banks of the Drina River, the towering peaks of Mt. Tara and Mt. Zvijezda abound with waterfalls, caves and views of villages. Several horse riding clubs operate from the base of the mountains to provide scenic rides on horseback or in horse carriages.

Location: Tara National Park, Western Serbia.

Activity Cost: Varies according to the activities.

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5. Skiing In Snow

winter tourism in Serbia

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Going to a winter destination and returning without skiing? Sounds bland! When in Serbia, ski without fail. A mountainous region in the western part of Serbia, Zlatibor is among the most popular places for skiing and hiking. In fact, it is a common factor in the package offered as part of winter tourism in Serbia options to choose from. Situated at an elevation of just over 1,000 meters, Zlatibor is a climatic resort, characterized by a cool alpine climate, clean air and a heavy snow cover in winter.

Tourist facilities include modern hotels, holiday centers, cottages, sports grounds and ski tracks. The area’s tallest peak Tornik (about 1,400 meters) is home to a popular ski center where over 5,000 can ski every hour.

Location: Zlatibor, Serbia.

Activity Cost: A one-day ski costs INR 1,300/- per person.

Stay Options: Hotels, holiday centers and cottages are available.

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6. Tradition and Heritage Round-Up in Serbia

favourite winter activities in Serbia

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While outdoor activities like hiking, horse riding and skiing are thrilling and shoot up the adrenaline levels, a tradition and heritage tour vets your innate hunger for the cultural evolution of the region. Serbia is steeped in rich history and has unique and interesting traditions. Browsing through these places can be one of the favorite winter activities in Serbia for you.

Do visit, a place renowned for hand-knitted woolen clothing. Make sure to seek out the authentic Sirogojno Style produce. Also, visit the museums that showcase Serbia’s Art, culture and history like the Museum of Contemporary Art, Nikola Tesla Museum, the Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art,Ethnographic Museum and more.

Location: Belgrade

Activity Cost: Varies according to museum policies.

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7. Romancing Serbia

soft romantic outing

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Serbia has some cozy places for soft romantic outing with your loved ones. Drive 60 km north of Belgrade to land into an exquisite castle in red and pink exterior – the Kastel Ecka. With a majestic park setting in and a mix of medieval and modern rooms, the present-day hotel which was once a castle is an ideal gateway to quieter and solitariness.

Castle Fantast built in the early 1900s sports an extensive open ground, a mausoleum, tennis courts, horse stables and also an ostrich farm. Hire a guide to take you through all the interesting places of the castle including the Church of St. George.

Location: Kastel Ecka at 60 km north of Belgrade and Castle Fantast at Iđoški Put, Bečej, Serbia.

Activity Cost: Around INR 3,000 per night.

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8. Winter Shopping in Serbia

shopping in serbia

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Finally, before you leave for home, forget not to drool at the shopping centers of Belgrade. Head to the Choomich Design District, for an authentic, local fashion and designer shopping experience and also get a chance to purchase clothing which are prepared by young Serbian designers.

Location: Shopping spots in Belgrade and its surroundings.

Activity Cost: Depends on what you shop.

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With over 15 peaks, 5 national parks, pristine natural vegetation and an extremely hospitable populace, Serbia is a to-go place during winters. Plan a trip to Europe today to explore this exceptional geological and historical heritage region with your family and friends with zest and fervor.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Winter In Serbia

What is Serbia famous for in winter?

Many things. Icy temperature, calorific cuisine, warming and rustic rum, a snow-clad region of the virgin forests, rivers, lakes and canyons, ski resorts and cozy chalets. Depending upon one’s interests and tastes, Serbia is a virtual treasure land for travellers.

In which months are winter in Serbia severe?

The months between December and February are extremely cold. While day temperatures hover around 0 degree Celsius, the night temperatures tend to slide down to -10 degrees.

Which are the best places to visit in Serbia during Christmas?

Belgrade and Novi Sad can be the great choices around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

I have heard a lot about skiing in Serbia. Which is the best place to ski in Serbia?

Zlatibor region in the western part of Serbia is a chosen skiing spot for tourists from various parts of the world. With a massive ski rink, the ski centre at Tornik Peak in the region is ideal for Nordic skiing, cross-country skiing and ice sports.

What winter clothes do we need to carry in winter tour to Serbia?

For people travelling from temperate climates, winter in Serbia will surely be harsh. Long overcoats, a pair of sweater, thermal wear (at least a pair for a stay of 4 days) and fleece are the bare essentials while in winter holidays in Serbia.

What is the currency of Serbia?

Serbian Dinar (RSD) is the official currency of Serbia. Ensure to exchange your currency to RSD before landing in Serbia or immediately after at the airport.

Any special medication needs to be carried with us while on a visit to Serbia?

Like when on any other foreign tour, it is better you carry basic medicines like analgesics, anti-cold and sanitizers.

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