White Nights Of Saint Petersburg 2021: Where The Sun Never Sets, And The Fun Never Ends


Have you ever imagined how it would feel if the sun never went down that horizon and there was no concept of a sunset? Just like the Northern Lights, the magical and astonishing phenomenon of White Nights attracts millions of travelers from all over the world to countries located near the extreme poles.

However, when it comes to indulging in the festivities of the popular Midnight Sun, the White Nights of Saint Petersburg happens to be one of the major events that no traveler should ever miss on their Russian holiday.

And those lucky travelers who’re visiting the country in the span of next two months, here’s how you can make the most of the world-famous White Nights of Saint Petersburg 2021. Get scrolling!

What Is The Meaning Of White Nights?

White nights of Saint Petersburg 2018

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Much famed as the Midnight Sun, the White Nights festival refers to the famous natural phenomenon that occurs around the areas near south of the Antarctic Circle, and north of the Arctic Circle during the summer season. Around this time, the sun refuses to set for as long as two whole months. Unbelievable right?

However, the fact remains that in countries like Finland, Iceland, Russia, Greenland, Canada, Norway, and Alaska, the sun lets its light shine on everyone as these regions have extreme latitudes.

What Are White Nights Of Saint Petersburg All About?

White nights of Saint Petersburg

While all others celebrate the white nights only as a phenomenon, it is only in St. Petersburg that this natural occurrence is celebrated as a grand fiesta in all its might. Next to Moscow, St. Petersburg is one of the best places to visit in Russia.

From music to movies, from live performances to theatrical acts, from ballet to opera, and from cultural nights to the breathtaking fireworks, one can indulge in true Russian delights at White Nights Festival of Saint Petersburg 2021.

Note Down These Details About White Nights

White nights festival, Saint Petersburg


  • Stars of the White Nights – Mariinsky Theatre, Theatre Square, 1, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 190000
  • Night Of The Museum’s – Check the schedule for various listed museums
  • Scarlet Sails – From Troitskiy to Dvortsoviy Bridge (at the site of Neva)

Starting Date: 26th May 2021

Closing Date: 23rd July 2021

Best For: Solo Travelers, Friends, Families, Couples, & Groups

Famous For: Cultural Performances, Museum Tours, & Fireworks At Scarlet Sails

Must Experiences During White Nights Of Saint Petersburg 2021

The White Nights celebrations at Saint Petersburg continue all through the day, and all night long. However, there are few experiences without experiencing which, attending this festival would be left with no meaning. And amongst the plethora of activities and events that will be held throughout the end of the festival, these three events will be held continuously, and consistently for the whole of two months as they attract majority of the population.

1. Stars of the White Nights – Spot Your Favorite Celebrity

Stars of the night, White nights festival, Saint Petersburg

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Held at the famous Mariinsky Theatre & Concert Hall, the “Stars of the White Nights” is the main event that gets the White Nights Festival Of Saint Petersburg started with all its might. Planned and executed by the City Administration of St. Petersburg, the White Nights Festival begins with a series of classical and cultural ballet, and opera performance. While the largest and the most popular gig takes place at the Peterhof Palace, the famous St. Petersburg’s Palace Square also transforms into a crowd-pulling attraction during the festival.

Don’t Miss: A ride in one of the age-old carriages that take the travelers around the park of Peterhof.

Celebrities Spotted At The Past Events: The Scorpions, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, and many more.

Nearby Attractions: Catherine Palace and Park, State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace, St Petersburg Cruise Port, Peter and Paul Fortress, Fabergé Museum, and more.

2. Long Night of the Museums – Must-Experience For The History Buffs

Night of the museums, White nights festival, Saint Petersburg

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Considered to be one of the best events for the ardent history buffs and the passionate culture vultures, the event of the Long Night of the Museums is not to be missed at all. While many of the museums stay open all night long during the White Nights Festival, most of them offer special tours only till the midnight. However, one can tour some of the famous museums such as:

  • Museum of Political History
  • Sheremetev Palace
  • History of Religion Museum
  • Museum of Dolls
  • Memorial Museum of Leningrad Defense and Blockade

3. Scarlet Sails – Once In A Lifetime Experience For All

Scarlet Sails, White nights festival, Saint Petersburg

One single tradition that is as massive as a fiesta in itself, the Scarlet Sails is one of the main events of the White Nights Festival. From the breathtaking fireworks to the fascinating water show, and from the amazing music concerts to the never-ending food scenes, Scarlet Sails is undoubtedly one of the must-visit events during White Nights Festival of Saint Petersburg 2021.

Marking the day of the graduate’s on the weekend of the shortest night of the year, this event starts late in the evenings across many sites in St. Petersburg. However, one can witness the fabulous light, water, and fireworks show only for about 30 minutes post 1 AM at the central Neva Site that stretches from the Dvortsovaya Bridge to Troitskiy. So don’t miss it!

How To Reach St. Petersburg

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By Air: Leading airlines like Air France, Lufthansa, Finnair, and more offer frequent services from India to St. Petersburg. While Pulkovo Airport serves as the international as well as the domestic airport of St. Petersburg’s, there are no direct flights from India.

By Train: For the travelers who are traveling from the nearby destinations like that of Tallinn, Moscow, or Helsinki, the high speed trains like Sapsan and Allegro serve as a cheap, convenient, and comfortable mode of transportation to reach St. Petersburg.

By Bus: Traveling by bus to St. Petersburg not only cuts down on your relatively expensive airfare and train fare, but also treats the travelers to the lush green countryside of Russia. It is absolutely a pleasure to travel from the nearby places like Estonia and Finland by bus which happens to be the most cheapest option to reach St. Petersburg.

By Ship: While one has the choice of traveling via ship to the beautiful St. Petersburg, it does not make it one of the most popular choices for traveling till date. It can serve as a romantic experience and an expensive one but on the contrary, it remains the slowest mode of traveling to St. Petersburg with limited options.

Where To Stay At St. Petersburg

From luxury to budget hotels, St. Petersburg offers umpteen number of accommodation options to stay closer to the main attractions, in close proximity to the white nights’ location, and best options that fit every budget.

Hotels in St. Petersburg, Russia

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Luxury Hotels: Grand Hotel Europe, Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg, Hotel Astoria, Kempinski Hotel Moika 22, Grand Hotel Europe, and more

Mid-Range Hotels: Domina Hotel St. Petersburg, Hotel Ambassador, A Boutique Hotel, Alexander House Boutique Hotel, Author Boutique Hotel, and more

Budget Hotels: Prem’yera, Red Stars Hotel, Happy Pushkin, Admiralteyskaya, Best Western Plus Centre Hotel, Matisov Domik, Hotel Vera, Otel’ Gamma, and more

Hostels: New Life Hostel 2 on Glinka, BEDANDBIKE Hostel, Резиденция Koffer, Cinema Hostel, At Sunny’s Hostel, Roof Hostel, Druz’ya, Graffiti L Hostel, and more

Where To Eat At St. Petersburg

Bringing all the cuisines under one roof, St. Petersburg offers a great variety of take-away places, upscale diners, and amazing restaurants that will treat your taste buds like none other.

Restaurants in St. Petersburg, Russia

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Quick Bites: Chuansyan, Shanghai Restaurant, Цзао Ван, Tea Spoon, Tkhaydi, Khaochi, Mei Shi Jia, and more

Takeouts: Guindinskiy Sad, Guindinskiy Sad, Stroganoff Steak House, Cabin Russian Cuisine, Idiot, Arcobaleno, and more

Luxury Diners: Em, Vincent, Russian Vodka Room №1, Sadko, Mansarda, Gimnaziya, Percorso, Severyanin, and more

Romantic Restaurants: Romeo’s, Teatro, Sadko, Teplo, Dom, Percorso, Gimnaziya, Гости, Severyanin, Tefsi, Gogol’, and more

Other Good Places: Graf-in, Entree, The Repa, Lechaim, Tandoor & Grill, Curry House, Khochu Kharcho, Terrassa, and more

Tips For Making The Most Of White Nights Of Saint Petersburg 2021

White nights of Saint Petersburg

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  • Make sure you plan your trip to Russia well in advance and do not miss out on any documents.
  • A valid passport, hotel booking documents, applied for Russian Visa, and a travel insurance document play a vital role in the processing of visa too.
  • Double-check to get a confirmation from your hotel or any other accommodation of your choice as you will not be able to step on the Russian grounds without the above-mentioned documents.
  • Indian travelers can easily apply for a Russian visa at the Russian Visa Centre which is managed by Indra Visa Fiduciary Services or the IFS on their website.
  • If you’re going to Russia, then do not miss out on riding on the famous Trans-Siberian railway which crosses multiple time zones and crosses about 9300 kms across the country.
  • Since St. Petersburg is not as crowded as the capital city of Moscow, one can rent a car or a bike for getting around the city at ease. However, one can also make use of the public transport like taxis, metros, and buses as per their convenience and budget.
  • Book a hotel which is closer to the event location so that it becomes easier for you to explore the city at your own pace and plan your day according the event’s timings.
  • Make sure you buy the tickets for main events well before in advance as the tickets are sold out months before the event even starts.
  • Most importantly, relish the essence of White Nights of Saint Petersburg, and enjoy yourselves!

So, Russia on your mind yet?

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