Uluwatu Temple: A Tour Guide To The Majestic Sea Temple In Bali


Uluwatu Temple is an incredible Balinese Hindu sea temple, located in Uluwatu of South Kuta, Indonesia. This temple is one of the six directional temples of Bali. It is located at the edge of a cliff that overlooked the sea and is dedicated to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in the manifestation as Rudhra. Various people and worshippers come to visit this temple and watch the Kecak dance that was held every-day, the people also enjoy the view from both the northerna dn southern entrances of the temple.

About The Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple on the cliff in Bali

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The Uluwatu temple is named to describe the temple itself with “ulu” meaning “land’s end” and “watu” meaning rock since it is built at the edge of a cliff 70 meter high overlooking the Indian ocean and this cliff is said to be a part of Dewi Danu’s petrified barque, the temple was later expanded by Empu Kuturan who was a Javanese sage in the 11th century, later another sage names Dnag Hyamg Mirartha who was from East Java and he constructed the padmasana shrines and supposedly attained moksha. You can learn the Uluwatu temple history from the locals there.

This temple was constructed here to worship Shiva Rudra as the locals believed that the three Gods Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva became one here, there is a inscription on the temple walls that says that a Majapahit Monk had established this temple along with numerous other temples in Bali around 1000 years ago. The locals also believe that a priest from eastern Java ,who has made this temples his final worshipping place, reached enlightenment and moksha and he completely disappeared with a strike of lightning in 1999.

This temple is also home to numerous band of monkeys who sometimes steal from visitors and will exchange the stolen belongings in exchange for food, this behaviour was studies by scientists and experts who collected data that showed that the monkeys learnt a bartering behaviour and that they would pass this knowledge from parents to child and furthermore when new Macaque monkeys were introduced to this place they also learnt and started using this bartering skills form the local monkeys.

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Best Time To Visit Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple on a unique cliff structure in Bali

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The months from June to August is the coolest months in Bali though most months throughout the year is ideal, it is recommended to visit the temple around 5pm to 6pm so you can see the sunset from the temples and also be able to watch the Kecak dance which starts from 6pm when the sun sets.

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How To Reach Uluwatu Temple?

A gate at Uluwatu Temple in Bali

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The Uluwatu temple is located in the Pecatu Village and is just 25 km away from Kuta which take around an hour to reach, tourists can take a taxi for 300 IDR, take the Perama buses which take tourists to the temple or take a scooter for a cheaper price. The Uluwatu temple entrance fee is 30,000 Rp.

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Where To Stay In Uluwatu?

1. Suarga Padang Padang

Suarga Padang Padang hotel in Uluwatu

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This hotel is located in Pantai Labuan Sait and is just 3 km away from the temple, this hotel is offers luxury stay for visitors with even a beachfront and a swimming as well, the view of the Indian Ocean is amazing as well.

2. Padang-padang Inn

Padang-padang Inn in Uluwatu

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This hotel or inn is located in Kuta and is just 3.5 km away from the temple, this is a cheaper mode of accommodation but they still offer comfortable stay with basic services like free wi-fi, a pool, shuttle service etc. This is a great value hotel and booking online can be cheaper.

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3. Pandawa Beach Homestay

PandawaBeach Homestay in Uluwatu

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This is a really cheap budget stay which is located around 14 km from the Uluwatu temple and is near the Pandawa beach, they provide big rooms with comfortable beds, a garden and also good service. There is transportation available to the Uluwatu temple.

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Things To Do In Uluwatu Temple

The opening hours of Uluwatu temple is around 9 am and closes after sunset but for worshippers it is open 24 hrs, there is also a dress code for Uluwatu temple as visitors are supposed to not show much skin and women are can wear long dress, skirts or sarong and they also provide a sarong at the entrance.

1. Sightseeing

A beautiful gate at Uluwatu temple

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There is not much to do at the temple if you are not a worshipper but visitors can enjoy the view of the Indian ocean and also the architecture of the temple, they can learn about the temples history and the high cliff and the view provides great photo opportunities.

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2. Kecak Dance

Artists performing Kecak Dance in Uluwatu temple

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The Kecka dance at Uluwatu temple is one of the most interesting event that takes place at the temple everyday during sunset time, the dance performance is based on the Ramayana and tells the story through dance and song with the sun setting in the background. Tourists, worshippers and locals flock to the temple area to watch the performance everyday.

3. Uluwatu Beaches

A top view of the Uluwatu beach

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There are numerous beaches around Uluwatu like Balangan Beach, Padang-Padang Beach etc which is close to the temple area and you can go to relax, swim or play under the sun, surfing enthusiast love to visit these beaches as they have amazing waves. Most of these beaches are among the top 10 best beaches in Bali.

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4. Tours

A cliff in Uluwatu

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While on your stay at Uluwatu you can also take tours which take you around the city to see different attractions, they even have a boat tour which offers water sports as well. You can find numerous agencies and companies offering these tours very close to the Uluwatu Temple.

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The picturesque masterpiece standing on the cliff, the Uluwatu Temple, is worth a visit especially to experience the dance and the sunset. There are monkeys at the temple who will steal your belongings so it is advised to be careful about your belongings. The Uluwat Temple is open for worshippers and visitors 24 hrs a day, so you can take your time and peacefully breathe in the spiritual and fresh air here. To make this experience happen, you must plan a trip to Bali right away!

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