Ubud Bali Hotels



Ubud is one of the most relaxing retreats in Bali, and the hotels in Ubud enhance this relaxing experience for tourists and travelers. Ubud in Bali has upland locations with beautiful and scenic views of mountain vistas and green valleys. It is the artistic and cultural heart of the island. The hotels in Ubud Indonesia vary from luxurious villas to budget hotels with a wide range of facilities.It indeed is one of the most favored mountain destinations in Bali. The relaxing and rejuvenating experience will be one filled with memories and leave guests feeling renewed. It has a range of luxurious to economical hotels one can choose from. All the Ubud Bali hotels have various amenities such as pool, wifi, choices of room sizes and types to choose from. Being far from the airport, most of the hotels seem to be having an airport transport facility.

There are various cultural activities and experiences on can participate in and are closely accessible from many of the hotels. A lot of the hotels are close to the museum and the zoo. Most of the Ubud Bali hotels have a wide range of cuisines to choose from. They have bars as well. There are also various hostels and homestays one can opt for. All the hotels have a wide range of room choices and accommodating staff. Most of the hotels in Ubud have a 24-hour help desk.

Special Experiences

Most Ubud Bali hotels have pools, and some also offer private pools. Some hotels have an indoor as well as an outdoor pool. The hotels have various other facilities such as a gym or an exercise room. There are outdoor facilities such as sun deck, playgrounds, gardens and some hotels in Ubud have places to play various outdoor games. Many of the hotels like the Pertiwi Bisma 2 or the Alamdini Resort in Ubud have spa services such as body massage, hair, and body services such as pedicures and manicures. Many of the hotels offer services to rejuvenate the body and the mind. The spas also aid in providing relaxing experiences for the guests. The hotels offer shuttle services around the Ubud as well as to the airport. There are even yoga classes and kid play areas at the hotels. Some hotels provide childcare facilities as well. There are a few hotels with facilities to conduct business meetings for the guests who have come for business such as conference rooms, etc. Many of the hotels provide experiences such as Hiking, mountain climbing, etc. Some of the hotels in Ubud allow the guests to rest bicycles and have mountain biking rides as well.


All Ubud Bali hotels have wifi access all over the hotel. Gym and fitness facilities are also provided by most of these hotels. Some hotels are business hotels, and some are family friendly that offers family rooms. The hotels have tours, pick-up and drop services, and even airport transportation. There are different smoking and non-smoking rooms available in the hotels. Most of the hotels like The Athaya Ubud and MaxOneHotels at Ubud have flat screens as well as luxurious beds in the room. The other facilities include a mini bar, kettle, fridge, etc. There are also various hotels that have conference rooms for business meetings and have facilities such as Xerox and fax machines. Most Ubud hotels have laundry services as well as a 24-hour help desk. Hot tubs and jacuzzi are some of the luxurious features offered by the hotels. One can also find gardens and parks at some of these properties.


There is a wide range of cuisines offered at Ubud Bali hotels. the food is truly scrumptious offering options from all over the world. The buffets are lavish, and most Ubud hotels have breakfast included in the room charges. Some restaurants even have a snack bar where one may enjoy a light meal or beverage. The food served at these hotels is sure to leave guest wanting more. Bars are also available within the hotel premises offering a variety of signature cocktails and mocktails. Some hotels have poolside bars and even swim up bar where when can enjoy their drink in the pool. With well-trained chefs, the restaurants at these hotels leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing a phenomenal dining experience to the guests.


Q1. Do Ubud Bali hotels offer an airport transport facility?

A. Yes, most of the hotels offer transport facilities to the airport as well as to major landmarks located near the hotel.

Q2. Do Ubud Bali hotels provide hiking activities?

A. Yes, most hotels provide a number of outdoor activities however, one may have to confirm that at the time of booking.

Q3. Do Ubud Bali hotels have bicycle rentals?

A. Various hotels have cycles included in the package and some rent it separately. However, one should check with the hotel before confirming.

Q4. Do these hotels offer a buffet breakfast?

A. Yes, Ubud hotels have a complimentary buffet breakfast for the guests.

Q5. Do Ubud Bali hotels have child care services?

A. Yes, most hotels offer childcare and babysitting services.

The hotels in Ubud Indonesia are incredibly comfortable and have shuttle services to the city and airport. The hotels are located close to many of the city attractions and offer various facilities. Valleys and mountain views surround most of these hotels. Some hotels have luxurious spa facilities for guests. There are facilities for children as well such as a children’s play area. An indoor and outdoor pool is also a common amenity at these hotels. There are luxury hotels as well as budget hotels that are almost at par regarding the basic facilities. Some offer rides and lets guests rent bicycles and cars as well. Some of the best hotels in Ubud are Puri Garden hotel, Kailash Bali, The Gora House Bali, etc. One can choose from a wide range of hotels based on different budgets to suit their needs. Nonetheless, the hotels in Ubud Indonesia offer guests a wonderful vacation where they can create some beautiful holiday memories in Bali.